Coming NVIDIA Shield TV 3.2 update brings full stand-alone Plex Media Server support and more

NVIDIA clued us in an what's in the coming 3.2 product update for the Shield TV and there's plenty to get excited about. Not only will we see Netflix HDR support, new 4K streaming apps and the other goodies we heard about from Google I/O, but there are a few things we didn't expect — Dolby ATMOS pass-through support, HDMI CEC TV-off support and (this is the biggie) a fully hardware optimized Plex Media Server install.

You read that right. You'll be able to stream HD video using Plex to any other connected and authorized device directly from the Shield TV with no PC required to act as a server. Using the Shield TV Pro's 500GB internal storage, attached USB storage (folks who bought the 16GB model, have no fear) or even a mounted network storage device to hold all your videos, the included Plex server can stream multiple simultaneous streams using the Shield TV's beefy hardware. Says the Plex team:

As you might know, we've had a lovely Android TV app for quite some time now, and it's getting better all the time. But the NVIDIA SHIELD, with its 8-core 64-bit CPU and massive GPU, allows us to make it extra special by letting you run the entire Plex Media Server directly on the device!

Video junkies, as well as those of us who just want to watch an HD movie or two during downtime, should be excited about all the news here.

The 3.2 update for Shield TV is coming "soon" so be on the look out for it. For more information, visit the Plex blog. Happy streaming!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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