Clicker brings check-ins for couch potatoes to Android has announced their Android application -- social media all about video, feature films, and television.  The premise is that you can friend people, check out their viewing habits, and share yours with them.  They've set up a huge internet portal at, which connects in to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, and their Android app can do the same thing.  An iOS app is in the works (on behalf of Android and our commenters, FIRST!) so it sounds like this social hub should take off.  I'm no big movie buff, but you can find me on Clicker as gbhilden (six-character minimum FTL), holler at me if you decide to try.

Read the long press release after the break! Connects Internet TV Viewers Online and On-the-Go

With New Social Features and Mobile Apps


New Features Include Ability to Follow Friends, Make Recommendations, Check-in

To Shows on Clicker and 3rd Party Sites, and Access Clicker via iPhone or Android Applications 

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – July 23, 2010 – Clicker (, the complete programming guide for Internet television, today announced the launch of Clicker Social, which allows people to discover, share, rate, discuss, and check-in to shows on Clicker and third party partner sites, and Clicker Mobile, which makes the complete Clicker service accessible remotely and identifies videos that are playable on the iPhone and Android devices.

Clicker Social gives users the ability to join forces to discover what’s worth watching, from sharing playlists, to recommending and discussing shows, to telling their social circle what they’re watching right now.  People can follow their friends’ activities on Clicker, or follow users they don’t know, but who share their tastes in television and movies.  All Clicker users can now curate their own Profile page to highlight their playlists, friends, recommendations, interests and recent activities on Clicker.

With Clicker’s new mobile apps, users can now access the complete Clicker service through their iPhone or Android devices.  Mobile users can search for programs to watch on their device, add shows to their playlist, manage their profile, check out their activity feed to see what friends are watching, check-in to shows and earn awards for things they’re watching offline, discuss shows with other Clicker users, and much more.

"Since day one our mission has been to help people discover what’s available to watch, where to watch it, and what’s worth watching in the new world of Internet television," said Jim Lanzone, CEO of Clicker. "Clicker Social now gives our users the tools to assist each other in the discovery process – all centered around our uniquely comprehensive, unbiased, and structured guide to online programming – while Clicker Mobile gives them the ability to connect with Clicker, and each other, from anywhere."

For content creators and premium video websites, Clicker Social brings new opportunities to reward fans and expand audiences.  A number of leading video destinations and popular Web series are adding customizable Clicker Check-in buttons to their own services, allowing their users to immediately broadcast their viewing activity to their social circles on Clicker, Facebook and Twitter, and engage with others in the Clicker community around that content. In addition, video platform providers Brightcove, Ooyala and thePlatform are integrating the Clicker Check-in button into their video players, extending the feature to thousands of publishers.

“PBS is excited about the potential for Clicker Social to help address the discoverability challenge, which is a key focus for us,” said Jason Seiken, PBS Senior Vice President, Interactive, Product Development and Innovation. “People are watching an average of 24 minutes per video on, so we know that when people find PBS video they like what they see.”

Clicker Check-in launch participants include:

·       A Good Knight's Quest

·       Acting School Academy

·       Blue Movies

·       Break Media

·       Brightcove

·       Casual Mafia

·       COIN-OP.TV

·       Fader

·       Hollywood Wasteland

·       I Am Not Infected

·       IGN

·       If I Can Dream

·       KoldCast TV

·       MakingOf

·       Maybe Hip

·       My Damn Channel

·       Next New Networks

·       Odd Jobs

·       Ooyala

·       PBS

·       PlumTV

·       PopSugar

·       RadNerd

·       Revision3

·       SnagFilms

·       Squatters

·       Streamin' Garage Network's Stupid for Movies and Stripped Down Live

·       TechCrunchTV

·       Temp Life

·       The Onion

·       thePlatform

·       ThisWeekIn

·       Thought Equity Motion


·       and more

Meanwhile, leading content creators have also partnered with Clicker to create unique awards their fans can earn by interacting with or sharing their viewing activity via Clicker Social. 

“Discovery is the hardest, yet most important part of the Internet video landscape,” said Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, creators of Diggnation, Tekzilla, and many other popular online programs. “By layering in social connectivity and activities, and putting every video show on a level playing field, Clicker has built a truly revolutionary service that promises to reward the best shows – not just the ones with the biggest megaphone.  We’re excited to have Revision3 be part of this breakthrough.”

Award participants include:

·       Crackle

·       HBO

·       The LXD, distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment

·       NCAA Vault

·       PBS

·       Revision3

·       SnagFilms

·       and more

Clicker Social’s features include:

·       Profile: In addition to adding personal details like their favorite shows, Clicker Profile pages include a user’s Clicker History, Clicker Playlist, Activity Feed, Follower/Following lists, access to easy-to-understand privacy settings and more.

·       Following: Clicker users can now follow other users on Clicker or import their social networks via Facebook Connect (with Twitter OAuth soon to follow), enabling them to discover new programming to watch by browsing friends’ playlists, activity feeds, recommendations, profiles and more.

·       Check-in: Clicker users can share what they’re watching, whether online or off, with their social circle via Check-in buttons throughout, partner sites, and remotely using Clicker’s mobile apps.

·       Comments: Clicker users can now contribute to the discussion of shows, episodes, movies and live streaming events by adding comments.

·       Ratings: Clicker users now have the option to voice their opinion on a given show, movie or episode on as well as recommend it to a single friend or their entire social network.

·       Activity Feed: Clicker users now have a window into the viewing activities of their friends and kindred spirits on Clicker, from playlist additions, to check-ins and comments.

·       Awards/Rankings: Clicker users can now earn awards from content partners for sharing or interacting with their content.  More importantly, they can also start earning status within the Clicker community by sharing their expertise on a given show, network or topic. Over time, these experts will be granted the ability to guide the content and discussions on Clicker.

Clicker Mobile features include:

·       iPhone and Android Apps (Note: iPhone App Store approval pending)

·       Search & Watch: Mobile users have the ability to search for available shows to watch on the iPhone and Android devices.

·       Check-in: Mobile users can share what they’re watching online and off with their social circle directly through the app.

·       Comments: Mobile users can now contribute to the discussion of shows, episodes, movies and live streaming events by adding comments.

·       Sharing: Mobile users can share what they’re watching, playlisting and recommending across Clicker, Facebook and Twitter.

·       Activity Feed: On the mobile apps, this includes a list of friends’ recent activity and access to a user’s own history.

·       Playlist: Users can manage playlists, including content that is not available to watch on their mobile phone, directly through the apps.

For more information, visit: or 

For potential partners interested in adding the Clicker Check-in button, please visit:

 About Clicker

Clicker ( is the complete programming guide for the new era of Internet television. Clicker catalogs all the premium television shows, movies, Web originals, live events and music videos available on the Web in one seamless, organized experience so viewers can easily discover what’s available to watch, where to watch it, and what’s worth watching online. Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Clicker is funded by Benchmark Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Allen & Company, JAFCO Ventures and Qualcomm Investments, and co-founded by CEO Jim Lanzone, the former CEO of Please visit or for more information.

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