Chrome's official iCloud extension makes it easy to move between your Mac and Chromebook

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What you need to know

  • Apple has just released an iCloud extension for the Chrome web browser.
  • iCloud Passwords will sync passwords made with iCloud Keychain for use in Chrome.
  • The extension will also allow new passwords created in Chrome to sync back to iCloud.

When Apple and Google play nice, it benefits everyone. The latest example of this is the new extension that Apple just released for the Chrome web browser. With iCloud Password, Apple makes it easy for users who switch between desktop operating systems to keep their passwords synced, regardless of whether they're using a Mac, Chromebook, or PC.

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The extension will suggest passwords within the Chrome web browser that are synced from the iCloud Keychain. This way, you won't have to go digging in your Mac or iPhone in order to log onto a website on your PC or Chromebook; it'll automatically be suggested as an option when you're prompted to log in. Additionally, new passwords that are created within Chrome can now be synced back into iCloud so you can switch back to your Mac or iPhone with ease.

This latest addition comes not long after Googe introduced a revamped password manager for the Chrome browser, which makes it easier for users to manage their passwords and check for any weak ones. Both Chrome and iCloud are able to suggest strong passwords for users and automatically save them, and now that you can have both running simultaneously on the same browser, your passwords should be safer and more accessible than ever.

The iCloud Password extension is available now on the Chrome Web Store for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Android smartphones are out of luck for iCloud password integration but are always welcome to try out one of the best password managers for Android like 1Password and others.

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