Chrome reaches new speed milestone, tops all browsers on Macs — even Safari

Google Chrome on a PC
(Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

What you need to know

  •  Chrome is now seven percent faster than Safari on Macs in its most recent release.
  •  Out of over 300 browsers tested by Apple, Chrome on Mac received the highest score.
  • Android users will now get up to fifteen percent faster page loading speed when using Chrome. 

Google’s Chrome browser has become the go-to browser for many people on PCs, and of course, Chromebooks. But it also gets a lot of use from owners of Apple’s Mac computers — and with Chrome’s latest release, it’s likely to gain a few more. According to Apple’s most recent Speedometer benchmark test, Chrome is the fastest browser for Macs — beating out Apple’s own Safari.

In the benchmark test, Apple pits 300 browsers against each other in a series of tests and assigns a score at completion. The browser’s latest version, Chrome 99, changed how it prioritizes code with ThinLTO. As a result, Chrome picked up an across-the-board speed increase over Safari by seven percent. On M1-based Macs, Chrome is now forty-three percent faster than Safari since the browser launched on the machines in 2020.

Not to leave out Chrome users on Android, recent improvements to browser have sped up page loading by fifteen percent. This new speed bump builds off of previous changes to Chrome that saw up to thirteen percent faster start-up and better memory usage. Google achieved this by optimizing navigation within the browser user interface thread. This leads to an overall improved experience on all of the best Android phones out there.

Chrome has grown into more than simply a browser by improving security to its overall speed. Chrome is regularly getting improved across the many different device types and platforms it is used on. Thanks to impressive utility, Chrome has become the basis for the operating system on all of the best Chromebooks used by millions of people. Now, Mac users will get to enjoy improved speed as well. 

Chris Wedel
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