Chrome OS users are in for a treat with the latest Chrome 50 release. As detailed by Google designer Sebastien Gabriel on his blog, Chrome OS has received a bit of a Material Design overhaul in its latest update.

Chrome OS goes flat in Material Design overhaul

Overall, if you're familiar with Material Design's implementation on Android, there won't be too many surprises here. While the general layout of things remains the same, the Chrome OS design is much flatter across the board (as seen in the image above). Additionally, the Incognito window now features a full dark theme from head to toe.

As Gabriel notes, the year-long project also brought some other improvements, like a new "hybrid" interface that should space things out a bit more on touch-enabled Chromebooks. Likewise, Gabriel notes that the interface is now rendered "fully programmatically." Essentially, this allowed the team to remove upwards of 1,200 image files used by the system, and Chrome OS should scale much better across resolutions.

The Material Design changes should make their way to Chrome on Mac and Windows in the future, but Chromebook users should start seeing the new interface once Chrome OS updates to the latest version. For more on the overhaul, be sure to check out Sebastien Gabriel's full post.