Swipe Home Button

A couple people have told me about Swipe Home Button, a new app that brings gesture controls to your Android home screen, and I had to take a look. I'm not a big fan of having a whole slew of gestures to try and remember to do things like open notifications or open apps, but Swipe Home Button doesn't have some huge list of gestures that I won't remember.

There are five actions — swipe up, swipe far up (about two-thirds of the screen height), swipe up then down, swipe up and to the right, swipe up and to the left — that you can set up to perform five actions — go back to the "home" home screen, show recent apps, show notifications, play the next track in a playlist and open an app.

The program was designed for phones with "real" buttons (read physical and/or capacitive), and can cause issues on phones with on-screen buttons. I'm not sure what issues — the developer doesn't say. We'll just trust him on that one. But so far, on the Galaxy S4, I'm kinda feeling it.

I'll play with it for a while before I can give any recommendations, but I wanted to pass it along for folks who ae always on the lookout for new apps. Grab the free trial (seven days) from the Google Play link above and jump through the break to see some images and a demo video.

Thanks, onthecouchagain and doobie for the heads-up!