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24-hour clockIf you're used to getting up at O'dark-thirty and go to bed sometime around 2100, you might want to switch your clock over to 24-hour time.

Also commonly called "military time," that's where the afternoon shift switches to 1200 to 2400, taking care of those pesky a.m./p.m. concerns. And switching your phone is easy. Just go to Settings>Date & Time and check "Use 24-hour format."

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Change clock to 24-hour time


I'm a bit confused too, how's this something new? My HTC Desire has always been set up like this (although perhaps it's just the default setting outside the USA - we don't call it military time here, just time!).

A :-)

PS - always found this annoying on the TV series 24 when they used to put 12:00 for midnight, 03:00 for 3pm/15:00, etc!!

I always look for this setting first on all my digital timepieces. Minor correction: the afternoon does not go to 2400. Midnight is zero hour.

I totally do the same thing. Every device in my house that can display "military" time does. It just makes more sense. If there are 24 hours in the day, why count to 12 twice? How stupid were people when they decided to make this the standard?

Actually, although it isn't all that common to refer to midnight as 24:00, it really is a correct 24-hour time. 00:00 is midnight at the start of the day and 24:00 is midnight at the end of the day, i.e. December 5 at 24:00 is the same time as December 6 at 00:00. See "24-hour clock" under "Midnight 00:00 and 24:00" on Wikipedia for more info.

Any idea how to force the desktop clock in "night mode" to display the leading zero on the Incredible w/ Froyo (24 hour format is already selected)? I could have sworn it worked in 2.1. Instead of 12:34 AM showing as 00:34, it shows as 0:34.