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Is the ceramic Galaxy S10+ worth it?

Galaxy S10 in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White
Galaxy S10 in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White (Image credit: Android Central)

When you go to buy the Galaxy S10+, you have quite a few models to choose from. In addition to the base model with a glass back and 128GB of storage, you can also step up to either 512GB or 1TB of storage. With these two variants, you also get a sleek, smooth, and stunning ceramic back.

The ceramic models start out at a hefty $1250 for the 512GB configuration, and if you step up to the max 1TB, you'll be paying $1600.

Some of our AC form members decided to splurge for these versions of the S10+, and so far, they seem to be quite happy with their purchase.

I love mine. Got the Ceramic black. It is not a true black, but has more a brownish hue to it, but it looks really nice. Also better knowing it is more resistant to scratches. Feels like a well built phone in your hands.


I have the ceramic black and am happy. I had the normal S10 too (which I returned) and IMO the ceramic just feels more substantial in the hand, heavier but in a good way. It is just opinion but the glass S10 is very well built but I found the lack of weigh a little disconcerting, others will prefer a lighter phone so YMMV. P.S You do not have to get the 1TB version to get ceramic the...


I feel I have made the right decision in buying my ceramic white 1TB S10+. I wanted the 12GB RAM more then anything and so far in the two full days that I've used my phone, I've seen the benefits of the extra RAM, especially in scrolling through long search pages of images in instagram. It's just so smooth and this phone has just been that way through everything I've done on it. I wish my...


I love the ceramic but I have no need for 1TB of storage. I imagine most people that go that route will never fill it up. I also don't see an advantage to 12GB of memory. I went with 512 because I got it for the same price as the 128. I have no regrets and will probably never fill it past half way but I can always add an SD card. It's your money and if you think you'll get your money's worth...

Mike Dee

What do you think? Is the ceramic Galaxy S10+ worth it?

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  • I got the 1 TB Ceramic Black S10+. I got it because I was able to trade in my girlfriend's S9+ for $550. That made the price much more manageable. Without that trade in I would not have been able to get the Ceramic.
  • How was your girlfriend ok with that? What's she using for a phone now lol?
  • Thought the same. Whatever she's using and however much she paid needs to be added to his total cost in order to establish how much was paid for that S10+.
  • I don't see why it would be worth the premium. Ceramic phones don't have to be expensive i.e. Essential PH-1
  • Hopefully no one who bought that version is using a case.
  • Definitely not, but it's not about it being worth it, it's about knowing you spent a stupid amount of money on *the latest went greatest". Personally I'd get the Canary yellow S10e... What's the point in having ceramic if it's not bright yellow?
  • Well, it is more scratch resistant, and it did better in the one drop test I saw.
  • Loving my 512gb Ceramic White! I usually keep it in the S-View case, but sometimes I take it out and I love the look... Just really wish they would have kept the aluminum a non-pink color (preferably just straight sliver).