Celebrate Google's birthday with 21% off at the European Google Store

What you need to know

  • Google is celebrating its 21st birthday with a 21% discount at the European Google Store using code B-GOOGLE21.
  • The only exclusions appear to be Stadia pre-orders, subscriptions like Nest Aware, and some restrictions in certain regions.
  • The offer expires on September 27 at 23:59 BST.

It might be Google's 21st birthday but it looks like we're the ones getting the gift with 21% off at the Google Store. Unfortunately, this deal is only good for the European Google Store (sorry U.S. readers) and the offer ends on September 27.

Whether you were in the market for some new Google gear or doing some super early Christmas shopping, 21% off can add up to a pretty big discount. Using the B-GOOGLE21 coupon code effectively drops the Pixel 3a down to £315/€315 making it a great deal on a great phone.

The discount also drops the Nest Hub Max down to a tempting £173. That's a steal for Google's latest smart display with a 10-inch display and built-in camera. Even better is the smaller 7-inch Nest Hub with no camera that you can pick up for only £94/€102.

Visit store.google.com to redeem. Offer ends 27th September 2019 23:59 BST. Must be age 18 or older. Promotional code offer is provided by Google Commerce Limited for use on Google Store UK only (must have UK shipping and billing address), and subject to the "Promotional Code Terms on Google Store". The offer cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or used on any product bundles. The offer cannot be used on any Stadia pre-order purchase or Nest Aware subscriptions.

It appears the only real restrictions are Stadia pre-orders, subscriptions such as Nest Aware, and a couple of regions have been left out. For instance, Swiss shoppers aren't eligible and the discount isn't applicable for the Pixel 3a in France.

While it could be tempting to pick up a Pixel 3 or Pixelbook with the code, just remember, we are only a couple of weeks away from Google's new hardware event. On October 15, we're expecting to see the Pixel 4 smartphones and the new Pixelbook Go.

Jason England