The Amazon Echo connected speaker can now be used to pay bills, if you are a Capital One customer. The bank is the first financial institution to support the Amazon Echo, along with other devices that support the Amazon Alexa system like the Fire TV and the recently announced Echo Dot speaker.

According to Mashable, Capitol One has been working for a year to add Amazon Alexa support:

Starting Friday, current Capital One customers will be able to add the Capital One "skill" via the Amazon Alexa app, enter their account info and then ask Alexa on Amazon Echo, Tap, Echo Dot, and Fire TV a series of questions about their personal finance.

Customers can check on their balance, pay bills, keep track of their recent transactions and more. In terms of security, Capitaol One says a customer's account information will be encrypted and that Amazon won't be able to access it.

To further manage access and because Alexa is not tied to any one speaker, the Capital One skill will ask bank customers to add a pin number. When they ask Alexa for account information or to make a transaction, it will prompt them for the PIN before completing the task.

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