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Best answer: Yes! The NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 is based on Android TV, which natively supports all major Bluetooth game controllers, including the Shield Controller. You can easily pair the Shield Controller to the Shield TV 2019 and play your favorite games on the streaming box.

The NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 works flawlessly with your Shield Controller

The Shield TV 2019 comes with a refreshed tubular design and enticing new features like AI upscaling, and the internal hardware has also been updated for 2019. It now comes with a Tegra X1+ chipset that's touted to be 25% faster than the X1 in the first-gen Shield TV, and you also get a microSD card slot for boosting the onboard storage.

While NVIDIA didn't release a new controller, the older Shield Controller works flawlessly with the Shield TV 2019. The Shield Controller works over Bluetooth, and with Android TV picking up native support for Bluetooth game controllers, you can easily pair the Shield Controller with your Shield TV 2019 and stat playing your favorite games.

The Shield TV 2019 has a lot to offer on the gaming front, and you'll be able to try out NVIDIA's exciting new game streaming service, GeForce Now, on the device. Think of GeForce Now as NVIDIA's take on Stadia, with the service serving up access to over 400 titles, including the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. Best of all, you don't have to pay anything to use GeForce Now as the streaming service is still in beta for the time being.

In addition to the Shield Controller, you can pair an Xbox One controller or the PlayStation 4's DualShock controller with the Shield TV 2019. The fact that the streaming box runs Android TV makes it that much more versatile when it comes to connecting your favorite Bluetooth accessories.

Designed for gamers

NVIDIA Shield TV 2019

NVIDIA Shield TV 2019

The best streaming box for gaming.

Thanks to the robust Tegra X1+ chipset, the Shield TV 2019 is the only streaming box you should consider if you're interested in gaming. You also get free access to GeForce Now during its beta, and you can connect any Bluetooth game controller to the streaming box.

A great controller

NVIDIA Shield Controller

NVIDIA Shield Controller

A fantastic first-party option.

The NVIDIA Shield Controller may not be new, but it is still a fantastic choice if you're looking for a Bluetooth game controller. It pairs seamlessly to your Shield TV 2019, allowing you to access GeForce Now or just play Android games from the Play Store.

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