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Best answer: Yes, you can purchase a spare remote for the Chromecast with Google TV directly from Google. It is an exact replacement for the one the came in the box initially, so you will still have all the same great features you expect..

Are there replacement options for the Chromecast with Google TV remote?

It's a simple fact that TV remotes have a way of disappearing, so knowing where to get a replacement Chromecast with Google TV remote makes sense. Previously, this wasn't a concern for Chromecast devices since there wasn't a dedicated clicker for them. Like in most situations, new parts mean new problems, and in this case, it's a lost controller.

Well, good news, Google has made purchasing a new remote for your Chromecast with Google TV a reality. Whether the controller that came with your initial purchase broke, got chewed up by the dog, or just disappeared, you can pick up a replacement directly from Google

Do I need to have a physical remote for my Chromecast with Google TV?

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No, you don't need a physical remote for your Chromecast with Google TV. Just as we've been using Chromecast without one for years, we just send and control the TV using only our phones. Using your phone to browse for shows on Netflix or a video from YouTube to cast to your TV will get the job done, but issues can pop up in the casting process.

For one, skipping ahead or back is a pain when casting from your phone, and so can the process of finding something to watch. This is because it requires you to jump back and forth between streaming apps. Oh, and then there are the dropped connections. As other streaming devices learned long ago, there's a lot of benefits to having a physical remote control.

Don't get me wrong, Chromecast is incredible, and controlling your TV by using your phone as a remote is amazing too. It's just that having a dedicated interface, designed to bring forward all of your entertainment services into a single space, is so much easier with a remote when you have to search for something to watch. Paired with a well-thought physical remote, which we love using, and you can have an excellent streaming experience.

Isn't there another option?

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Yes, however, not in terms of controlling your Chromecast with Google TV. A fantastic alternative is to go with a Fire TV Stick 4k from Amazon, and yes, you can get a replacement remote should you lose the one that came in the box. Even though it's not a streaming option from Google, nearly all of the same streaming services are available. You also get a voice assistant option with Alexa that's also accessible through the remote.

Speaking of the remote, it's great and comes with all of the buttons that you'd expect, along with a dedicated one to call up Alexa for help in finding shows or controlling parts of your smart home.

Clicky buttons

Chromecast Google Tv Remote

Voice Remote for Chromecast with Google TV

So much to watch

Now that Google has finally brought us a Chromecast with a full user interface, it needed a proper remote, Luckily, it got a good one. The new remote has all the buttons you'd expect plus some to access Google Assistant, Netflix, and even YouTube directly.

Excellent streamer

Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Back-up remotes at the ready

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a great streaming device full of your favorite streaming platforms all in one place, with tech built-in to make it all look amazing on your TV. Then, it's all brought together with Alexa right in the remote to give you everything you need for an excellent entertainment hub.

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