Can non-VR and VR players play together in No Man's Sky?

On August 14, 2019, Hello Games are giving us the biggest update to No Man's Sky we have ever seen, and we have seen some big'uns. This latest update, called Beyond, has three major components: VR, 32-player multiplayer, and a bump to version 2.0 with lots of smaller changes.

The big question though is whether all of those things talk to each other properly especially the VR and multiplayer. Can you really play in a server with VR and Non-VR players? It seems likely you can.

The man told us we could

In a recent video interview with IGN, Sean Murray, the man behind No Man's Sky and the face of the game since before the launch, gave us a nice rundown of all the key points of the new update and what we can look forward to in a section about the multiplayer aspects he mentions how fun it is to see VR players waving at you while you play normally.

It's absolutely crazy to see, you know, in amongst that, VR players, right? Just wandering around in their headsets, waving to because they have control of their hands...

So it is very likely at this point that the multiplayer world will be filled with both VR players and Non-VR players and that you will be able to coexist quite happily together. I'm very happy about this as my regular NMS crew are all PlayStation 4 players, but only two of us are PSVR users. I'm looking forward to using my PSVR with my friends and showing them how much more fun the game is when you can physically interact with the worlds around you.

Isn't the VR just an afterthought?

Sean Murray has very specifically said no. It started off as just a small team making a straight port of the game to VR but the more Hello Games played the more they realized the game needed to be rebuilt to accommodate VR and make it an integral part of the game. Hello Games has reworked the controls of all the various mechanical things, like the spaceships, and submarines, as well as tuned this latest update to work in harmony.

So should you play it? Yes!

So not only is the game going to be playable in VR, and it's going to have large scale multiplayer areas, both of those things are going to work together to let us all play this huge new update the way it should be played. With no boundaries.

Let us know how you feel about having your worlds invaded by crazy people in VR mask's waving at you from nowhere. Our comments are always open.

James Bricknell
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