Can I save gameplay clips on Stadia?

Google Stadia controllers presentation
Google Stadia controllers presentation (Image credit: Google)

Best answer: You can save gameplay clips on Stadia. Google has created a system that interacts across the company's ecosystem and that includes the cloud and YouTube, where you can either save clips privately or share them with your friends or followers. Unfortunately, a lot of these features aren't available quite yet.

Stadia is made for sharing

At GDC 2019, Google unveiled Stadia, which is less of a unique gaming platform like PlayStation or Xbox and more of a way to connect the existing Google gaming ecosystem. With Stadia, you can immediately access games on the cloud from any device — Chromebooks, Pixelbooks, phones, tablets, TVs — and get right into your play session.

In addition to actually playing games, Stadia is also a way to connect with YouTube, whether it's through streaming or just sharing clips. If you use a Stadia controller, you'll get access to two buttons not typically found on other gaming controllers: Google Assistant and Share. The first allows you to connect with the smart assistant using the built-in microphone, but what's most important here is the second. Just hit the button and you can share right online.

You have two choices for sharing: public or private. Syncing up your YouTube account can post the clip to the video platform, but private will just upload it to the cloud. Then you can do what you want with it.

This is a system built-in to every other gaming platform. What makes Stadia's so different? That's where State Share comes in.

What is State Share?

It's easy to share a clip but with State Share, you can share the game state. State Share allows users to share a precise gaming moment via a link to followers, friends, or just the internet at large. This will not only preserve the video but other important gaming elements like a player's inventory, their position, and more.

During the GDC presentation, Cuthbert cited multiple examples where State Share can enhance sharing online, like in speedrunning. You can challenge people to beat your run or to play through that specific moment in the game.

"I can create moments specifically for this kind of sharing--challenges to beat my incredible speed runs, or chances for other players to also experience those same tough boss battles. I can build as many shareable moments as I want and let the internet turn my whole game into an infinitely replayable treasure hunt," he said.

You'll need a Stadia controller

The small downside is that you need an official controller if you want to take advantage of the sharing features. While Stadia does work with almost any controller, only the Stadia controller will let you save and share clips and game states.

The larger downside

State Share isn't actually available yet. While Stadia is built around the concept of sharing and has other innovative features new to the gaming market, many features were unavailable at launch. State Share is one of these features that is yet to roll out for the streaming system.

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