Best answer: No. OpenELEC does not support the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ but there are plenty of alternatives. We recommend LibreELEC as a great media center operating system.

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Lack of board support

OpenELEC at this time has no support for the Raspberry Pi Model 3B+, and there doesn't appear to be any plans to release another update of OpenELEC in the future. While it's possible to build your own version of OpenELEC with the correct kernel and hardware support, the best option is to use one of the alternatives to OpenELEC that do support the Raspberry Pi Model 3B+.

We recommend the latest release of LibreELEC for the Raspberry Pi.

Our pick


LibreELEC is an excellent alternative to OpenELEC and a great media center operating system.

LibreELEC is a free open-source operating system designed for media-center computers. The Raspberry Pi Zero, 2, and 3 (including the 3 B+) are officially supported.

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