Android Central

After a brief period of exclusivity on Sony handsets, Call of Duty: Zombies is now available on most Android devices. The first-person shooter comes from what was a simple side-game bundled with the popular Call of Duty title for PC and consoles, but has quickly taken on an unlife of its own. It's essentially a wave defense game where players have to keep their hideout barricaded and fortified against hordes of undead while simultaneously clearing out the ones that find their way inside. It's all very goofy and arcadey, with new weapons and upgrades being purchasable between waves. 

Call of Duty: Zombies is available at the download link about for $6.99. Keep in mind that in-app purchases are being employed for accelerated progress as well. Anyone going to take the plunge, or has Dead Trigger got all of your zombie-killing needs covered?