BRAVEN's lineup of waterproof headphones and Bluetooth speakers is receiving some new additions to the family beginning today. Four new models to meet buyers at various price points are coming soon, including the BRV-XXL/2, BRV-XL, BRV-X/2 and BRV-MINI, with the most affordable option, the BRV-MINI, already available for purchase at BRAVEN's website and Amazon.

These new Bluetooth speakers are built with durability and adventure in mind, and as such, their waterproof and shockproof construction is top-of-the-line. BRAVEN tested these speakers up in the Rockies to make sure they can withstand even the harshest temperatures and weather conditions, though there is some variety in what they can handle. The group is led by the BRV-XXL/2, debuting at $399.99, a rugged 100W speaker that can pair with up to 100 devices simultaneously and even has an integrated bottle opener, while the BRV-XL comes in at half its price offering a 40W output, IPX5 waterproofing, and the ability to pair with another BRV-XL for wireless stereo audio. Both of these models also feature a built-in handle to make carrying them around even easier.

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While more affordable than the two models above, the $99.99 BRV-X/2 has a higher waterproof rating of IPX7 compared to their IPX5 rating. That means that while the models above can be rained on and sprayed with water, the BRV-X/2 can be submerged up to 1 meter for as long as 30 minutes at a time. The BRV-MINI has the same waterproof rating so you can throw it in the pool or bring it in your shower with no worries. Where the BRV-X/2 has a 20W output, the BRV-MINI features a 5W output. Both models feature a wireless stereo mode when two are paired together, and they can both float in water as well.

Three of BRAVEN's newest speakers let you choose a color too: the BRV-MINI and BRV-X/2 come in Black, Grey, Red, and Blue, while the BRV-XL comes in Black and Grey. The BRV-XXL/2 has no color options and comes in Black only.

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BRAVEN Bluetooth Speakers

BRAVEN's new waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer durability for on-the-go listening at various price points, from the compact BRV-MINI for $40 to the largest and ultra-rugged model BRV-XXL/2 for $399.99.

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