box notes

The enterprise-themed cloud storage service Box has announced an update for its Android app that adds support for its recently launched Box Notes feature, which lets users create, view, and edit notes to documents stored on the service. The update should start to roll out on the Google Play Store today.

The official Box blog states:

"Box Notes for Android features seamless integration into the native menus, allowing for all the basic editor features you'd expect: cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, bullet list, numbered list, indent, and outdent. Along with all this functionality, we have also taken steps to ensure that the Box Notes experience still loads fast, even on older cellular networks. The highly engaging, real-time collaborative aspect of Notes has also been maintained, so now you can jump into a multi-user session with your phone or tablet without missing a beat."

The new version of the Box app can also create a list of the user's 25 most recently accessed files in an effort to make finding recently opened documents easier. The app now allows users to delete comments on files and there's a new pull-to-refresh gesture in folders, along with a way to the ability to set new options for shared links. What do you think of this latest update to the Box Android app?

Source: Box