Bose Headphones: Differences between Android and Apple Versions

Best answer: The actual headphones are the exact same for Apple and Android versions. The only difference is the included cables which are designed specifically for either iPhones or Android phones.

There are only Apple and Android versions for wired headphones

If you're in the market for a pair of wireless Bose headphones, such as the QuietComfort 35, you don't need to bother reading this at all. For those products, Bose only makes one version that works exactly the same on both Android and iOS.

For wired cans, however, that's where you'll find the two distinct versions.

Bose makes two unique models to be used with Android and iOS devices and usually brands these as Apple and Android versions, respectively.

The main difference lies with the cables

Although the headphones themselves are the same between the two versions, the cables work a bit differently.

You'll still be able to listen to music if using the Apple version of Bose headphones with an Android phone, but the inline controls won't work at all.

Prices can vary between the two

Depending on which model you need to buy, there's usually a slight variation in pricing between the two.

For example, with the Bose QC25, the Apple version sells for $179 while the Android model goes for $198.

Stay in the know

When it comes to wired Bose headphones, the company makes two distinct versions — one for Apple devices and one for Android-powered ones. If you've got an Android phone or tablet, do yourself a favor and just get the Android variant.

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