Bose QC35 II headphones will have Google Assistant built-in

Bose's QuietComfort 35 headphones (opens in new tab) are some of the most highly-recommended active noise-canceling headphones on the market. Modern Dad calls them the best headphones a traveler could ask for, and its successor, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, are apparently packing a new feature that'll be quite handy to Android users: Google Assistant.

Jeremy Judkins has apparently stumbled across a retail box for the new model, and right there on the back of the box sits a nifty new Google Assistant built-in logo. Having Google Assistant on-board could be a great help, even if its media commands turn out to not be quite as robust as ones on the Google Home, and hopefully with Bose's noise eliminating magic for its mic array you'll be able to get commands heard clearly while going about our noisy, busy lives. Battery life also hopefully will be improved on this model, but the only big question I have left here is will the Bose QC35 II finally make the jump to USB-C for charging?

The headphones are expected to be a part of Google's October 4 event, during which the company will announce the Pixel 2 series. Like last year, where Google also unveiled the Home and Wifi, we're expecting to hear about a new initiative where Google will partner with audio accessory manufacturers like Bose to include Assistant in these products.

The headphones were initially unveiled by 9to5Google last week.

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Ara Wagoner

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  • They look cool. But if they're truly "nose eliminating" I may have to pass. I prefer to not look like Voldemort.
  • Yep, I stopped reading for a bit because I can't stop laughing after reading that.
  • I'm always happy to bring joy... Also, I was in the middle of baking pumpkin seeds, so I plead salt overload.
  • Since we are on headphones I would like to segway into headphone jacks for a sec :-) 3.5mm to be exact.
    The internet is ablaze with rumors of the upcoming pixels not having the headphone jack and it's just not true, Google's not gonna do that to us. You can check every new case on Amazon for the upcoming pixels they all have headphone jack holes on the top. I've already purchased one and can verify unless every case maker is wrong I'm going to say there's a headphone jack.
  • Wouldn't be the first time case makers all got stuff wrong. Verizon Note 4 comes to mind.
  • First Sony updates theirs and now Bose. I know my MDR-1000x will still be perfectly good and adequate and do what I want, but also improved noise cancelling would be nice to have.
  • I like the sound in my ZX770 headphones, but holy crap, the noise cancelling is useless.
  • Outside of the MDR1000X and X2, Sony hasn't done noise cancelling well.
  • If that's the only improvement, I'll be sticking with my QC 35. Does anybody actually is Google Assistant?
  • Yes. But I would also expect some improvements in noise cancelling performance and audio quality.
  • I honest think its just going to be the assistant button
  • I use Assistant all the time, but I don't see any real use in having it built in to headphones.
  • I feel the same way, I love my Q35
  • Seen "nose elimination", stop reading, and went straight to the comments to see if the roasting had already began =D
  • Eh, nothing here roasted me hot enough to bake my pumpkin seeds... Now my camera cutouts article, that'll keep me warm for days!
  • Ah yes, I needed a good laugh :)
    I kinda wonder how this would be an improvement over having GA on your phone, unless it has a button right on the headset.
    The QC headphones are super comfortable, and I almost bought a pair, but was put off by the grainy midrange. I'll have to see if the new ones have the issue resolved. My favorite cans for long listening sessions are Sennheiser open backs, which are useless in noisy environments because they are open backs.
  • It does have a button on the left earcup.
  • Thanks for the info!
  • I love my Bose QC35 set.
  • personally i use it and it's not quite good for me because noise-canceling system and i use now Numark Red Wave and it is very good to use