Bootloader on the Droid X = Locked!

There has been some chatter lingering around in regards to the Droid X and its bootloader, and sadly it appears as though they have locked this one down. So, what does that mean for the average consumer, well nothing really. Those who will be affected by this information are those interested in the extra tweaks, along with the ability to create and flash custom ROM's. Root access should still be obtainable so you will be able to use all those fun applications that require it, which is a big plus to many. Hopefully the Droid X isn't as hard to crack as the Motorola Milestone -- for which they are still trying to figure out a good solution. Now all you Droid owners who were looking for an upgrade, still interested? [via Droid Life]

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  • No big deal to me. I've never rooted or loaded a custom ROM.
  • yeah funny you say verizon sucks. and they did an article a little while back showing that sprint is about the same as verizon i think verizon was like $10 more a month for the X compared to the Evo so yeah
  • It is a big deal to me and is the final straw in my decision not get upgrade to the Droid X from my original Droid.
  • Verizon sucks Anyway
  • Yeah it really sucks to have the BEST coverage on earth !!! And soon to have the BEST 4G LTE coverage as well !! Why would anyone ever want that LOL !!!
  • "Why would anyone ever want that LOL !!!
    By" Those who don't want to be nickel and dimed for standard features. Even with the "EVO tax" of $10/mo, Sprint still has the best prices in town.
  • I pay less for Verizon than you do with Sprint I can assure you , my corp discount blows anything Sprint could give you out of the water , besides I dont worry about nickle and dimes like apparently you do , I want the BEST service and coverage and thats verizon by a long shot , and Sprint is FAR from that , they are a joke of a company , not much better than AT&T
  • So saying that you can't afford Sprints service makes you better then everyone else? Your just a very sad person to use the whole ' I get a discount thing' . Who gives a Shit about your discount. The $195 I pay for 2 Evo's a month with included taxes, insurance, and fee's is WAYYYYY WORTH IT. Why do you even bother talking if your only going to use the discount excuse? I hate people like you who think there so much better then others just because they get a discount.
  • And your better how? Sheesh they are just phones and service providers who gives a crap use what you like.
  • No wonder why you saying that! It`s very clear you never pay a penny
    out your money,until you receive your own bill, you`ll change your mind... About the service you must staying in the big town never travel cross the country to see who has the good or the bad service?
    I been Sprint customer for nine years,and I drove truck in all the
    USA and Canada,and there is drivers had VZW and AT&T,sometime they
    get better service sometime I do...But there is was a big differrents between the three companies,the one had VZW and the AT&T
    if them phone loss it signals NO service at all, But Sprint phone
    when loss the voice service I was able to connect to the outsider
    by the e-mail and txt...AT THIS POINT YOUR BIG RED CON`T STAND A
  • your a idiot
    i get a 25% discount on my sprint bill
    that along with my recurring credit and i only pay 30 bucks a month for unlimited calling text and data you would pay Verizon over 130$for that dumbass
  • >I pay less for Verizon than you do with Sprint I can assure you , my corp discount blows anything Sprint could give you out of the water Sorry, but I have a 20% discount with Sprint, and 15 to 20% is not all that uncommon. And that is on top of rates that are already a lot lower. So you keep believing you have the best rates on Verizon while others laugh. >I want the BEST service and coverage and thats verizon by a long shot Sorry, but Sprint coverage is the same as Verizon. Sprint uses both Sprint and Verizon towers.
  • yea does every body have corp accounts? i take sprint prices any day..
  • i like how you vzw ppl think we cant toggle a button an roam for FREE on your super best coverage lol
  • >Yeah it really sucks to have the BEST coverage on earth !!! Sorry, but Sprint coverage is the same as Verizon. And it costs a lot less.
  • Maybe where you live, not by me. Sprint is worse here by far. And the roaming doesn't allow EVDO just 1x as far I know. So quick internet browsing is out of the question. Sprint is bleeding for a reason.
  • I wouldn't say vzw has the best coverage on earth. I was a long time T-mobile customer and got sick of dropped calls in my area, 2 of my friends have verizon and 3 have sprint. I asked where they got dropped calls around here and the two on vzw said they haven't had dropped calls or no bars in years. The 3 on sprint rattled off a list of 10-15 places in the area that I frequent where they have 1x roaming and no data, with constant dropped calls. That made my decision for me, I had to go with VZW and to tell the truth I have had maybe 1 dropped call in the last 6 months. (I blame my Pre Plus for that though)
  • I thought i t sed bootleged droid haha
  • Sucks but it happens. If anyone wants to root and get into custom roms just get a Moto Droid if you're on Verizon since its so easy to root via SBF method or wait and see what goes on with the Droid 2. I am kinda shocked though that nothing like Cmonex with their HardSPL which seemed to come out for damn near every WinMo phone. Locked Bootloaders in the WinMo days were a joke and cracked in no time usually.
  • No bother to me. I am with a company that remembers that it needs customers. As said above verizon sucks anyways. Proof the evo is still king.
  • Verizon doesn't lock the bootloader (I think Moto does that) so any issues with them are irrelevant. No need to bring fanboyish opinions about carriers in on this.
  • Wrong, the carrier is the one that decides whether they want the phone boot locked/ no root access.
  • If you think you're so smart, please tell me why is the Milestone BL locked even on versions w/o any carrier branding, that you can buy in regular phone shop (no affiliation to any carrier)... so basically the unlocked, unbranded, original phone straight from Moto (yes, the rest of the world gets those)
  • *rolls eyes* ok, sure, we'll let you have it your way. VZW has been known to be very stingy about this. I don't know if you've ever had a Brew Phone (LG almost anything, Dare, Chocolate, Voyager) but those were on lock down BY VZW, not by LG. They have a history with this, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were a little upset that the Moto Droid was so easy to hack. It just makes sense. If a carrier wants you to have something boot locked, and you're going to have to go that route anyway, why wouldn't you just Load the same OS on every Milestone you make? I'm sure thats what happened in Canada and Moto. The carrier probably wanted it bootlocked (why ELSE would that be boot locked and the Droid not?) and they decided just to do it for all of the GSM Milestones. It makes sense financially. I would take anything you say with a HUGE grain of salt (enough to get my BP high). You've only contributed 4 posts to the forums here and you probably get all your information on these blogs... blogs where the writers intentionally try to start controversies to get more hits and therefore more revenue for The Smart Phone Experts. Its their job! Its also your job as a consumer to read between their bullshit some of the time.
  • no actually its motorolas decision. The samsung fascinate(galaxy s) isnt locked down. DO a little research before you make a comment when you have no idea what you are talking about
  • Actually I do. Read up, just because one phone is on lockdown and the other isn't doesn't mean that it wasn't the carrier's decision. What do you think is going to bring VZW more revenue? The MotoDroidX or the Samsung Facinate? Do you think the benefits/cost ratio would be higher on the DroidX or the Facinate? The answer, if you haven't taken a peek into the forums, is pretty obvious. VZW would have to essentially pay more to request to have something bootlocked, no? But the revenue they are going to get from selling them is going to outweigh the costs. Now, the facinate isn't drawing as nearly the same amount of people, thats because essentially, the same phone will be made available to all carriers and therefore, they really shouldn't expect any NEW customers on this phone, but rather renewing customers. That would be why it doesn't have a DROID name on it. Since the revenue isn't going to be there, it wouldn't make sense to fund Samsung's team to lock the bootloader on the Facinate.
    Maybe its my personal grudge towards VZW and their decision to essentially mimic ATT in nickle and diming you every chance they get. I mean, its insane what they charge for a data plan. But they're history, I believe, proceeds them in this instance.
  • There will nvr b an evo killer
  • its to the point where if no root comes out or its said it cant be done I overlook the phone. These guys are rooting these phone so fast these days that its done a week after release, or even before release.
  • welcome to the world of us milestone users.
  • Evo still king are you serious? How is a phone with sub par battery life, sub par build quality king over the Droid x simply because the x is a challenge to fully unlock? I'm unbiased and take all the facts into consideration and evo is not king...some of you are starting to sound like apple fan boys making uneducated judgements.
  • I second this...Evo is an above average phone,at best.
  • It will always be a matter of opinion in regards to which phone is better and who really cares, use whatever suits you better. Either way your entire post makes you sound like an idiot. Sub par battery life and bad build quality? Most people have had no problems with build quality and anyone with half a brain can get well over a day with heavy use and I doubt you've ever had or used one. By the way after arguing over something stupid like which phone is better when they are pretty identical and awesome phones typing "I'm unbiased and take all the facts into consideration" doesn't make you sound less like a fanboy it makes you sound like a fanboy with his head up his ass.
  • higher end build quality phones? If thats the case why are EVO's screens coming up? That isnt higher end build quality to me. And idk how you came up with the better dev community have you seen the droid dev community? Yeah maybe they do have 4g in certain areas. But its more a matter of choice and they arent that much cheaper then verizon plans
  • I'll stay out of the fanboy poop flinging, but the HTC dev community far Far FAR outnumbers the rest. Back to fighting, don't let me interrupt.
  • Better quality pictures
    4g when you are in a area
    Faster 3g than verizons
    Better Dev community
    Cheaper Plans
    Higher end feeling build quality
    and more every site that has reviewed the droidx has stated that the Evo is still the android king until the samsung barrage comes
  • -Picture quality is about the same
    -Video quality is noticeably better on the X
    -Faster 3g, maybe, when you can get it. I'd rather have consistent coverage over Sprint's spotty signal.
    -The Droid has way more hacks than the Evo so that better dev community has their work cut out for them. Besides, they share hacks anyway.
    -True, Sprint has the cheapest plans.
    -No way, I've held both and many would agree the X's build quality is top notch. With some screens peeling and reports of tiny fractures about the body, I'm not sure I'd be quick to rate the Evo highly. Besides, HTC has had questionable screens on several of their devices of late.
    -The X has a higher res screen, more space for apps, better GPU, better processor, faster memory, supports 24-bit color and is a slightly better performer. The only advantages to the EVO are the 4g coverage and FF camera. 4g is iffy and scarce. FF is a waste for the most part and most can easily live without it. The End.
  • Sub par battery life? Poor build quality? Are you serious? Look no further than a mirror if you want to see uneducated brother. 31% and my phone has been on 21 + hours. Stop reading articles about a phone and look into what daily users actually experience.
  • Poor battery life has been the number one complaint in all of the Evo forums.
  • That's only because almost all of the complainers have never had an Android phone before and don't really know how to use it. The battery life has to do with people opening apps and not really closing them and they just eat battery life up, or not turning off features like 4g, WiFi, and a few others that are in the background running and scanning for signals. Most people like my wife has come from a non multitasking phone like her iPhone so I had to show her how to keep up her battery life when she's not using features and apps.
  • Oh and those of you that always post "first" get a life and go post on a Nickelodeon forum its rediculous.
  • Who cares....only thing that matters is you can over clock..and to other things like file manager and backups. Rooting is much easier get then access to boot loader. Long as ROOT is achieved i dont care about custom roms.
  • Amen guardian
  • I could care less honestly. I'm looking for the basic experience right now. Later i'm sure i'll want to root it but i doubt i'll want to install a custom ROM for a quite some time.
  • ...until Gingerbread comes out and only the Nexus One and rooted phones with unlocked bootloaders can install it.
  • Going to wait with the Droid x and see if it gets cracked. I like my custom roms on the Droid. Go back and forth between bugless beast and kangerade. If not there is always the next phone (Droid 2).
  • +1, i'm kinda bummed now. Was hoping to be able to flash 2.2 with no custom ui asap. So now it looks like i'll have to wait, if it does get cracked then I'll get one that day! I guess my moto droid will do for now :(
  • fine with this. as long as i can root, i will be fine. never flashed on my moto droid, so it isnt the biggest deal.
  • Rooting is stupid.
  • Even if it didn't have a bootloader, I'd still stick with my Droid and wait for the 2GHz Droid coming later this year. =)
  • This is why I'd love a wifi-only Nexus One - for my primary phone I don't really care about this so it doesn't bother me. But it would be nice to have a toy to mess around with. Even better if said toy had no contract and was significantly cheaper by losing the mobile phone radios (and all the overhead that goes into bringing a phone to market - which is a pretty significant chunk of change!).
  • Why are we fighting about this? I thought all of android was on the same team. Anyway, after the X gets rooted this will be irrevalent. And, the X has just as many good features that the Evo doesn't have, and vice versa.
  • It is not just locked, it is encrypted. No ROMS for X. It is NOT a Verizon thing, it is a Motorola thing. Relax people.
  • Got my Droid X yesterday !!! What an AMAZING device !!!! FREAKIN AWESOME !!!!!
  • Pics or it didnt happen....
  • I used my nexus stock for 3 months saying "I don't need to root etc", then I finally rooted. It's too much fun loading different ROMs, I don't care what anyone says. It's fantastic:-) Regarding the X vs evo, the Droid x is easily better than the evo no matter what anyone says. Better CPU and hardware accelerated graphics, end of story. 4G is not an advantage yet when its so similar to 3g speeds. And by the time sprint's 4g network is faster, other 4g phones will be out and the evo won't matter anyway.
  • LOL, I like those of you saying there will never be a EVO killer. I guess it doesn't matter that the TI-OMAP and Hummingbird make the Snapdragon look like the out-dated, over-hyped piece of chip it is. Sorry but I would like a high end smartphone capable of pushing more than 30 FPS. And NO I am not getting a Droid X nor do I have Verizon.
  • Im embarrassed to be an EVO owner, you guys sound like Apple fan boys seriously, it sucks that the Droid X is unrootable but its a part of our Android Army so let's be a little more mature about it.
  • Exactly. I am also an embarrassed Evo owner. I can't get over how much juvenile fanboy bantering there is on androidcentral comments.
  • People keep using the 30fps cap. It's HTC's fault for the cap and they admitted to doing it. I think Sprint might change it with the Froyo update Sprint is working on right now. Only time will tell, hopefully HTC and or Sprint will make a patch to detect when you use the 30 or 60 fps. Like 30fps when HDMI has been activated and 60fps for anything else.
  • What difference does it make, really? There is nothing for which > 30FPS makes any difference to 99+% of users. I guarantee that if you place a FPS locked phone next to a FPS unlocked phone, nobody will be able to tell unless they run some stupid benchmark program.
  • @ CRXSSI....I am so glad you said this. I was actually waiting for someone to say this. The fallowing link will show you what happens when a Snapdragon processor goes up against a Hummingbird processor. Keep in mind that the Desire uses the same exact CPU/GPU combo as the EVO and also keep in mind the Desire is not capped to 30FPS.
  • Amen. And that's coming from someone who runs stupid benchmarks for a living. :p
  • Whats the funniest to me is all this arguing over a phone none of you have even touched. The Evo and the Droid X are the best of the best right now. The argument always goes to ffc and Verizon is too expensive.
    These are both rediculously great phones. Just think about 2 yrs ago what we had to use and thought was the hottest compared to now.
    Stop bitching and enjoy what you have. Cause guess what? By next summer. Your precious Droid X / Evo will be sold or in your drawer cause the new hotness will be out and all this arguing wont even matter.
  • The HTC EVO crowd are making the iPhone zombies blush, wow. It's not a bad phone by any means, but lets be honest here, the greatest thing about the EVO is the 80 dollar Sprint bill that's attached to it. If that phone was side by side on Verizon with the Droid X, I'm sure the enthusiasm would be curved, greatly. Also, the locked bootloader thing is a manufacturers decision, not Verizon. Why else would an unlocked, unbranded Motorola Milestone be locked down. Use more common sense, and less fanboy bias.
  • Wow guys seriously? I love my EVO, but lets be honest, it was hugely over-hyped and has a lot of issues. It is still a really good phone but don't be so blind to think that some of these other phones coming out aren't going to blow it away. That's just how it goes, love my EVO but I only plan on keeping it for about a year or so.
  • Exactly, I don't expect my Galaxy S and it's PowerVR SGX540 to be the best GPU option forever.
  • Why all the dick measuring between VZW and Sprint fanboys? Listen... some areas have GREAT Sprint coverage and not so good VZW coverage, while other areas have SHIT Sprint coverage and GREAT VZW coverage. In the great scheme of things, does it really matter? If you like your Sprint coverage, GREAT! If you like your VZW coverage, GREAT! But a post on the Droid X locked down bootloader is no place to measure carrier dicks.
  • A-fucking-men. Jesus people, would you stop trying to argue about which carrier is better? Calm the fuck down! Really! No one wants to read all this shit. I get great coverage with verizon, my buddy gets great coverage with sprint. I don't show off mine to him. He doesn't show off his to me. It's just a service provider, it doesn't make you better than somebody else. Now what we should really be comparing is who has the best phone, and my incredible kicks my buddy's palm pre any day ;)