Don't let this be a repeat of St. Patrick's Day. Nobody wants to see that again.

Cinco de Mayo, a cherished drinking holiday among people whose only real experience with Spanish outside of High School is saying "Cinco de Mayo" in what they swear is a flawless accent, is on a Friday this year. That means a ton of people are going to leave work on Friday with every intention of not being totally sure where they are when waking up the next afternoon.

There's a good chance you'll find no shortage of places around you serving up all manner of festive specials, but before you go out there's an accessory you may find useful. Even better, it's on sale and can be shipped overnight via Amazon Prime.

This is the BACtrac, a Bluetooth-enabled Breathalyzer that fits nicely in a pocket or on a keyring, and tracks your Blood-Alcohol Concentration as you enjoy the evening. Breathe into this every once in a while to see where you are and how much more you can handle, and when you're done for the night the app will tell you when you'll return to safe levels for things like driving.

It's simple, it's cheap, and you could even make a game out of it with your other friends. Just, you know, be safe. We like having you here.

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