Bluestacks for Mac

Here's a quick heads up for those of you who just have to run the occasional Android application siloed on your computer -- Bluestacks is now in beta for Macs. If you're new to Bluestacks, the idea is that it works as a sort of an emulator for Android apps -- some 750,000 of them, actually -- giving you full control with a keyboard and mouse. And while your experience may vary a little bit depending on hardware, it's actually a really good implementation, though it's not necessarily the quickest to load. 

There's also the argument that it's a little silly to use apps like Facebook and Instagram as an Android app on a desktop, but whatever. It's still pretty damn cool, especially for games.

So, go get the Mac beta if you want to give it a go, and remember that there's a Windows version available, too.

Download: Bluestacks