Blink aims for the security camera trifecta: wireless, affordable, and long-lasting

A new Kickstarter project, Blink, is mixing up the standard home security camera model by going truly wireless. There are plenty of home security systems out there with "wireless" cameras, but that wireless is only in the transmission of data — they still need to be wired up for power. Blink, however, is touted as having a year's worth of battery inside. And unlike other systems which hook into a central hub, Blink ties straight into your Wi-Fi network and communicates to their cloud service and an app on your phone (with plans for iOS and Android).

Blink gets its long battery life through a combination of low-power processing, radio, and motion sensing. By relying on the motion sensor to trigger recording, Blink only turns on when there's action in its field of view (that's where the year-long battery life comes in, it's really only about 5-6 hours worth).

There is a "Sync" module that's included with Blink that enables easy set-up and the triggering of remote live viewing through the Blink app. Setup is described as simple: Plug the Sync module into a wall outlet, open the app and run the setup wizard, and then place your cameras.

If that sort of truly wireless home security camera system interests you, Blink is up on Kickstarter now. They're nearly at their $200,00 minimum goal as of press time and sold out of the initial batch of $49 units, though there are still $59 and $69 backer levels available for single camera packs, as well as multi-camera packs starting at $119.

Source: Kickstarter; Via: TechCrunch

Derek Kessler

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