BlackBerry Messenger update brings new privacy controls

BlackBerry Messenger's latest update brings along with it an all new Material Design, along with a number of new privacy settings and controls. Beyond the visual overhaul, BlackBerry has added a new Privacy and Control Subscription to BBM, which replaces the existing Timed and Retracted Messages Subscription. Some of the design changes include a new way to organize your stickers, new quote message feature, and more. The new Privacy and Control Subscription will cost $0.99 a month, but brings along with it a number of great features.

With this subscription, you will get:

  • Private Chat
  • Timed messages and pictures
  • Retract messages and pictures
  • Edit Message (Which is also new to the subscription. Made a mistake? Now you can retract it, change it, and send your message again.)

Current subscribers to Timed and Retracted Messages will be automatically upgraded at no extra cost, and anyone else who is interested can subscribe through the app. You can download the latest version of BBM with the Material Design from Google Play now.

Source: BlackBerry