BlackBerry Live

The better part of the CrackBerry crew are at BlackBerry Live 2013 this week, and there was a bit of news for Android fans amid the general session. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 was announced, which includes support for Android devices. That means your IT guy can roll out apps and lock down BlackBerry devices throughout the company just as easily as it can with any Android devices. 

What's particularly new and interesting is a little something called BlackBerry Secure Work Space. On BlackBerry 10 devices, this is known as Balance. Basically, it provides all of your work data (memos, e-mail, contacts, browser, tasks, and documents) a place to exist securely without needing to VPN. Customized apps can be put into a secure wrapper so they can exist in the same environment as well. 

This BlackBerry Secure Work Space is currently in closed beta, and should be coming out in late June (assuming it's approved for Google Play). There will be a limited-time free upgrade available for companies that are already using a BES, which is a nice touch. 

What's the mix of devices like in your workplace? Are there still a lot of BlackBerry devices around? Admins interesting in checking out the solution can find more information over here.

via: CrackBerry