Black Galaxy S3 coming in October with 64GB of storage, says retailer

The latest development in the black Samsung Galaxy SIII (Galaxy S3) saga sees one well-known UK retailer revealing additional details about the handset. Clove Technology got in touch to let us know that black Galaxy S3 stock will start arriving from early October, and that the black version will ship with 64GB of internal storage. This fits with earlier reports from rival store MobileFun, which suggested the black version of Samsung’s flagship was “4-6 weeks” away.

The arrival of the Galaxy S3 with 64GB of internal storage is equally big news. Previously rumored to have been canceled, the 64GB S3 would allow for a maximum storage configuration of 128GB, if you were to use a 64GB microSD card as well. There’s no word on pricing at this stage, or any details on whether the 64GB storage option will be exclusive to the black version, or vice versa. However, we can be pretty sure that any phone with 64GB included out of the box won’t come cheap.

Source: Clove Technology (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
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  • Couldn't do metallic black/grey streaks kind of like the "pebble blue" metallic streaks? After getting used to the pebble blue, the plain black one looks rather plain and generic.
  • I keep thinking the same thing. I'm still pretty happy with my PB
  • I have the opposite opinion, the faux metal streaks and faux metal grey border always made the plastic look cheaper than it is IMO... I happen to think it looks pretty slick in black, from the photos we've seen so far anyway. Now if only they'd apply a texture to the back covers once again...
  • I can definitely see that. I'm kind of glad the PB doesn't have the silver edging. Now, if it's a *matte* black, or has some texturing like you said, I'd be a lot more jealous.
  • I am on friendly terms with several people who manufacture smartphone replacement parts to OEM spec, and none have heard of any black galaxy s3 yet. Judging by the numerous forums, hardly anyone has seen anything about it yet, besides two "suppliers" in the UK and a blurry shot from Facebook. Look at the official facebook shots, you'll see "blue" sides and a blue face button. As anyone who owns a pebble blue will tell you, if you look at it from an angle, it appears black, especially if there is a screen protector on it. Now I'm not saying there isn't a black version, just highly unlikely. You'd think suppliers in China and Korea would know about it before the UK. And Samsung wouldn't spend millions and millions of dollars developing a new hyper-glaze color, launching specifically with it, making tons of accessories with the same color, just to release a so-called 64 gb black version.
  • I agree that phone doesn't look like my GS3. The face looks rounded. And the blue is definitely visible on the bottom. I will reserve my judgment on the black GS3 if and when a real one shows up.
  • It could be a marketing move. By releasing multiple models subsequently it helps take some attention off of the soon to be released iPhone. I think it's a brilliant idea from Samsung's perspective.
  • wow. who needs 64GB or 128GB of storage? and for what? i'm currently using 1GB. i still have 27GB free out of 28GB available on my G-Nex. subtract out the stock apps (many i don't even use) updates and i use even less.
  • I could easily use 32gb for music, so having 64gb would be nice. 128gb is overkill, IMO but more power to you if you can fill that up.
  • On the other side of the coin, I have about 3GB left on my 32GB GS3. Backups and HD games can take up a lot of space for one thing. I don't even have a much music or any videos saved, but if I saved my entire MP3 library, it would fill the internal storage. Yes, you can work around having less storage space and keep everything in cloud storage, but that comes with extra issues.
  • Some of us use our phones for more than just phones! I current have a 32 gig with 32 GB card with over 16000 images as I have saved every picture ever taken since my first camera phone (Ericsson MCA-20 plug-in). I also have several gigs of encrypted documents/files and several more gigs of music/etc.. Out of a 32 gig card, I have only a few gigs left.. I can't wait to get a g4gb card as the higher megapixels and better quality video eat up more space much much faster!
  • wow that's a lot of media to have to obsessively manage. and for what? too much unnecessary stress for me. personally - i'm a minimalist. music (and movies for that matter) gets stale very quickly for me - they have a very short shelf life like potato chips. hence - i don't like to buy or "collect" or "manage" it. i like the freedom of not having to manage a collection. also - i like to listen to today's hits to keep me young and fresh and not stuck in a time warp. solution? "Today's Hits Radio" on Pandora "For me music has become real time, all the time. My current music experience is like a twitter feed. Music comes at me from everywhere on every device I own." but hey - to each his own.
  • I can never listen to anything top ten! Metal-head! I do use Pandora sometimes but it's so repetitive,compared to my personal collection.. I have all the images in folders by month/year or event so it's rather easy to keep up. When have company, someone always asks about seeing pics. The camera phone has made capturing memories that much more easier and I love having them with me all the time!
  • "several gigs of encrypted documents/files" Wow! That sure is a lot of porn!!
  • LOL!!! Wouldn't need to encrypt/store porn actually, all that is freely available online lol.. Mostly company stuff and copies of my own personal documents. I keep everything with me all the time. I don't believe in online "cloud" storage...
  • I'm knocking on the door of being at capacity on my 64GB iPhone 4S. It fills up faster than you think.
  • I have 6 or 8 gigs of music alone. Several gigs of apps. A few gigs of pictures and video. My book library (including PDF books, which are big because of graphics). 32 gigs total is cramped for me already. I cannot fit my entire video library on my phone due to space constraints. Ditto with comics...don't have enough space for those either.
  • Very true! I'm forever deleting stuff off my storage going crazy deciding which I can part with for now.. I could use 64gbs right now and would fell more comfortable with 128gbs, like the other dude said most of all the new apps especially HD games or over 20mbs add or music and important videos and 1 or 2 cwm backups I out of space back down to 2 gb when I erase a cwm backup.. cloud space is cool but has its own issues to work around sometimes so I'd rather keep it myself on me. I got data that came with me from the og droid and thunderbolt to my gnex.. so I for 1 need 128gb. Feed me seymour!
  • You are one mean, green mother from outer space, and you're bad. (love the LSOH reference)
  • Dont need that much space smh...
  • I'm stateside but can't wait for this to become available here, but hopefully, in white or PB.
  • double post
  • Soo instead of obsessing over when we will get a white version of a phone is that going to turn to the black version now...?
  • Being a complete phone geek I must have the best device out there. Saying that I have two SGS3 with 32 GB of int memory. One on Verizon and the other on T-Mobile. I have very fast data speeds on both carriers and am very happy with these phones. Now after buying the best phones out there they throw me a curve and come up with the new black model with 64 GB of int memory. What the heck am I going to do, sell them both and buy the 64 GB models of course. I am a sick bird but I have to have the best. Why did they hold back, simple, guys like me who have this sickness will always buy, buy and buy. I absolutely love this freaken monster. The I-Phone sucks.
  • what the point releasing the phone that late they just trying to compete with the iphone upcoming release date by that time the sgs3 will be old news other better phones will be out by then so samsung should have release this phone back in may when it first came out.
  • The question is - how is the 64g configured? Isn't the 32g model split 50/50 between apps and file space? 64gb split in two would be very disappointing.
  • T-Mobile exclusive anyone?
  • Samsung just does not get it. Releasing more and more upgraded variants of the same model does not help their sales but merely upsets their loyal customer base who already purchased. I hate to say it but Apple handles this situation in a much better and ends up with customers who feel like they have the latest greatest for at least a year.