Microsoft's Bing Android App now available -- if you're on Verizon

Bing for Android

Microsoft unveiled its Bing search app for Android today. But if you want to get in on the action, you're going to have to have a Verizon phone, as it's exclusive to the carrier's section of the Android Market. (Place your bets  on how quickly it leaks out, though.)

The app features a daily featured image, just like Bing on the desktop. And you can swipe through seven days' worth of images. There's an endless scrolling search, and you can swipe through image previews straight to the host site. Microsoft's own voice search works with Android's speech-to-text function, and you can use Bing Maps to find your way around, too.

Is the app a threat to Google's native services on Android? We'll have to see, though it's doubtful, just because of the integration factor. and then there's the issue of it only being available on Verizon, for now, anyway. [Bing]

  • Bing was my go-to search on my iPhone, I'm giving the android version a chance. edit: I hate how you cant set it to default to the search button on the X, that and Vlingo.
  • How's bing been working out for you? Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Don't have a android phone if u use Bing. android is Google.
  • so if I don't use chrome browser on my droid then it isn't a google phone anymore? or if i don't use internet explorer on my laptop it isn't a windows pc anymore?? hmm, an app is an app, doesn't matter who makes it as long as it works.
  • No if you replace those apps it doesn't break the experience on the system. Lets say you replace the default search with Bing. I'll bet money you will break Voice searching. How about location based searches that are on by default? does that work in the bing app? Every OS manufacture designs their OS from the ground up with a certain feature set. This is why I wouldn't use Google on a Phone 7. Each works best with its own "stuff". That isn't to say it won't work. But its putting a square peg in a round hole.
  • The Bing app supports voice searching - voice to text is a feature inherent in Android now, so any app that supports text entry supports voice to text.
  • i'd agree, but if you've ever compared traffic on the maps between google and bing you'd be a bing user too. google's traffic is so delayed that it's complete crap. bing's on the otherhand is awesome. i want this app just for the traffic reporting on the map (it has that right? hehe i sure hope so).
  • (Bing or Google) - What traffic report? It only exist for US. Those of us outside have no traffic reports anyway. :(
  • Garbage! I don't even want this thing and I am angry! Come on Verizon also got Skype!
  • Ahem Market Access App change to 310012, open market app, download, install revert. That is all.
  • Already posted at XDA:
  • Well we finally have the answer to what is the sound of one hand clapping. Answer? Bing. Seriously. Bing is the answer to a question no one is asking on android. Namely: what is a good search solution in Android. Everything you need for searching is there without Microsoft's help.
    The only reason for this is to allow MS to go to Verizon and say we will pay you X if you load our app onto the default OS image on the device.
    If you really want bing get a Windows Phone 7 phone when it comes out in a couple months. It will doubtlessly be a better integrated solution and will "just work" with the system.
  • In all honesty, the app is decent. Unfortunately, using Google Search (on a Google phone) is a difficult habit to break.
  • And now its on my Captivate!
  • I hope Bing isn't added to the list of bloatware preinstallled on Verizon phones. Andwho cares about Bing! Give us that fascinate info!
  • Bing is the default on the Fascinate.
  • Bing is still lagging pretty far behind Google when it comes to search. The other day I tried Bing to search for a local business in their Maps and it returned 0 results. Google finds it and gives me a phone number and other useful info. I won't fault you if you want to use Bing on your Android, but you will probably be missing a lot of info when you search.
  • The only reason Microsoft made Bing is because they saw how much money Google was making and they just wanted to have even MORE money than they had before. Am I wrong?
  • Breaking News at 10...a company does something to make money.
  • Lol look a Microsoft fanboy looking for attention, I hope you're hapoy you got some :)
  • spoken just like those apple fanbois who still think apple is the underdog.
  • Why would I want to use Bing when I have Google?? Verizon can keep it.
  • As dumb as an iPhone skin on an Android phone.
  • Actually, iPhone skins are amusingly useful items on your Android (or even BlackBerry) phone...nothing drives home the point better (IMO) about how much more flexible a phone is then making your suddenly look and act like the iPhone when talking with Apple fanbois (well, if you're really attached to that stripped down can still have it; try doing that on your iPhone!). I used to do it on my Storm just to mess with some relatives that love their iOS devices. That said, I have no interest in any MS product unless it actually earns its keep (Office and Windows 7 desktop fall into this category). Bing is simply not as good, and I have zero interest in giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Nice, but all my integrated apps already do everything this Bing app does. It feels redundant and a waste of time. A waste of time!
  • bing is a third rate search engine compared to Google
  • Wow I'm now a mac user that wouldn't trade my android phone for nothing, but I like bing better than google search so far. What the hell is this world coming to!
  • Not for nothing, but I'm sure Google has their search app worked out for Windows Phone 7 market too. Will see how this works, but as someone stated above, Google is integerated so well into proprietary apps as well as third party apps that makes this a little redundant.
  • Actually, at least at launch MS isn't allowing competing search engines onto WinMo7 phones (claiming that the integration is so deep with Bing that there's no point, blah blah). Honestly, outside of the money that VZ is certainly getting for this (and putting it as default on the Fascinate), Google and VZ are getting something else that is becoming increasingly important to them: protection against anti-trust investigations. Android is on pace to dominate the smartphone (and by extension the mobile computing space) in the next couple years, with no small help from VZ. But it's hard to say they are being anti-competative when they allow Bing or Yahoo on, and allow carriers to decide which one should ship as the default.
  • I couldn't care less about Bing, but Google really needs to stop approving this carrier-specific crap. Skype, anybody?
  • why the hell would we need skype anyway, we got google voice for our calls, and either qik or fring for video calls!
  • i still like google search alot better but its nice to have 2nd option.
  • I like it loads fast
  • pretty cool app. got it on my 2.2less Dinc.
  • Come on now people...Android is all about openness. So what's the harm in having a choice? Don't use it if you do not like it.
  • Run MS crap on my X? Are you kidding? I wish nothing but failure on MS and any endeavorer they attempt.
  • Android's first serious virus! LOL
  • gee's guys, some of you are sounding more and like those apple fan boz. diversity is good, sure Google is the best search engine, but SOMETIMES bing could be the way to go, I find it better for certain searches.
  • Wow, it's actually pretty good...
  • WoW just what I have been waiting for ..... NOT LOL .
    Why would I want this ? I don't And refuse LOL :p
  • They should change the name from "Bing" to "ick..."
  • Bing should be the default search engine on Samsung's Bada operating system.
    Other than that, bing is just another too-little too-late product from Microsoft.
    But it's still nice to see competition.