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Binge wherever with Roku's 4K Streaming Stick+ now on sale under $30

Roku Streaming Stick Plus
Roku Streaming Stick Plus (Image credit: Android Central)

Smart TVs are cool and all, but there's something about the versatility of streaming devices like the Roku Streaming Stick+ (opens in new tab) that makes them worth the pickup — even if you already own a TV with smart functionality. Making sure you're prepared to stream wherever you go just became even more affordable, as the Roku Streaming Stick+ (opens in new tab) is now on sale for $29 at Amazon. We've never seen it go lower there.

Other retailers such as Walmart (opens in new tab) and Best Buy are offering this deal too, and you may want to buy there instead as they include a few bonuses which Amazon doesn't. At Walmart, you'd score a $5 credit for Vudu, a digital movie and TV show retailer, while Best Buy gives you 40% off your first two months of Sling TV so you can stream live TV channels.

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Having a portable streaming device is always a smart idea for travelers, though it can also come in use at home on any TVs you own without smart functionality. Simply plug it into your TV's HDMI port to start streaming Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, & more.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Roku SE media streaming player

Roku SE media streaming player (opens in new tab)

$17.00 $50.00 Save $33

We call this a "Your Miles May Vary" deal because it won't apply to all. Check the product page to see if local pickup or shipping is available. If so, you're in luck because this is a crazy cheap way to gain access to Roku's content library.

Roku Express Premiere Streaming Stick Plus media streaming devices

Roku Express Premiere Streaming Stick Plus media streaming devices (opens in new tab)

$21.99 $30.00 Save $8

Each device gives you access to Roku's content library, including over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Access all your favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+. Upgrade to the more expensive devices for 4K, voice control, and more.

Roku Premiere 4K media streaming device

Roku Premiere 4K media streaming device

$29.99 $40.00 Save $10

You get full access to Roku's streaming library, which includes your favorite apps like Netflix or YouTube. Stream in HD or 4K and with HDR content support. Has a simple, easy-to-use remote. Use app on iOS or Android mobile app for more control.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K media streaming device

Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K media streaming device

$39.99 $50.00 Save $10

Gain access to Roku's streaming platform, which includes all the major apps like Netflix and Hulu plus thousands of shows and movies. Stream in 4K with support for HDR content. Turn your mobile device into a remote control. Compatible with most TVs.

Roku 4K HDR streaming stick+

Roku 4K HDR streaming stick+ (opens in new tab)

$38.99 $49.99 Save $11

Have you ever been on vacation wanting to watch the latest season of Stranger Things or The Handmaiden's Tale yet didn't have a smart TV in your hotel room? The Roku Streaming Stick+ plugs in via HDMI so you can add smarts to pretty much any TV, along with access to all the popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. It can even be used to access the new Disney+ and Apple TV+ services. This model is built to stream 4K content, though you'll need a 4K TV as well to score the best picture quality.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ is a powerful portable streaming device that comes with a voice remote. You'll be able to navigate to your favorite shows, turn down the volume, and more just by asking. It's also compatible with a free mobile app on iOS and Android devices which has a Private Listening feature so that whatever's playing on the Roku Streaming Stick can only be heard through headphones plugged into your phone. The app works as a remote as well.

We named the Streaming Stick+ among our list of the best Roku devices in 2019, praising its portable form factor.

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