Best TCL 10 Pro cases Android Central 2021

Buying a fresh phone cover can breathe new life into any phone. No matter the build quality, even the best Android phones are susceptible to falls and cracks. With its curved glass display and gorgeous back, the TCL 10 Pro is pretty as the picture. You don't want to damage its good looks, so make sure you get a trustworthy phone case for it. Here are the best TCL 10 Pro cases we could find for any style and budget!

Tudia Hard Case Reco

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: TUDIA DualShield Slim Hard Case

Staff Pick

Who said rugged phone cases need to be so chunky and ugly? The TUDIA DualShield Slim Hard Case promises durability without sacrificing look and feel. This snazzy cover is slim, so it doesn't bulk up your TCL 10 Pro.

Kjyf Doodle Silicon Case Reco

For the doodlers: Soft Silicone Protective Cover - Cartoon

The cutesy illustrations on this silicon case are really vibrant and fun. If you're the happy-go-lucky, cheery type, go ahead and get this case to personalize the exterior of your TCL 10 Pro. It ships with a screen protector, saving you the hassle of getting one separately.

$5 at Amazon
Hualubro Flip Leather Wallet Case Reco

Watch me flip, now watch me nae nae: HualuBro Flip Leather Wallet Case

This HualuBro leather case for your TCL 10 Pro is the jack of all trades when heading out the door. You've got an added layer of protection thanks to the magnetic flip cover and plenty of space inside to store necessary cards. Who even needs a wallet with one of these on their person?

$10 at Amazon
Foll Tpu Rubber Soft Clear Case Reco

Back to basics: Foll TPU Rubber Soft Clear Case

If you don't feel the need to wrap up your precious TCL 10 Pro in a heavy-duty case, you can always stick to the basics. This soft clear case from Foll is made out of TPU rubber to prevent much damage past scratches. But if you want to look at the actual body of the phone you paid for all the time; it's a decent pick!

$8 at Amazon
Chajijiao Carbon Fiber Case Reco

Pink champagne on ice: CHAJIJIAO Ultra Slim Carbon Fiber Texture Case

Rose gold was all the rage a few years back. The trend may have passed, but a small part of it lives on in many fashion lovers. If you love pink hues with a touch of gold, get this slim TCL 10 Pro case from CHAJIJIAO.

$17 at Amazon
Styletify Candy Case Reco

Custom made by you, for you: STYLETiFY Custom Candy Case

STYLETiFY allows you to create your very own unique TCL 10 Pro phone case that is shockproof. You can select any image or text you like or even create one yourself to plaster on the back of your phone. This level of customization leaves a lot of room for creativity. It also makes for an excellent gift for someone you love!

Don't throw caution to the wind

Rocking your phone in the nude is risky business. Accidents happen without warning. Just buy a case! The TCL 10 Pro is not water and dust-resistant, so you'd better get something hardcore. The TUDIA DualShield Slim Hard Case is the best case that you can get for your TCL 10 Pro, period. It looks fantastic, feels good, and most importantly, is really durable.

Now, if you don't care about harm coming to your phone, we would recommend the STYLETiFY Candy Case. It's completely customizable so that you can go crazy with your ideas. There's no going wrong. You can slap on whatever you like on the back of your TCL 10 Pro with this case. If you're too lazy to do that, just get a basic transparent case like the Foll TPU Rubber Soft Clear Case. It may be malleable and soft, but it offers some protection at the very least.

Once you've selected the perfect phone case for your TCL 10 Pro, make sure you get one of the best screen protectors for it as well. Don't forget that both the front and the back need some good lovin'!

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