Best Screen Protectors for TicWatch Pro Android Central 2021

Sometimes things don't look so professional when they're scratched to oblivion. That's especially true for your Mobvoi TicWatch Pro. Having a screen protector will help make your watch more durable and prolong its lifespan. Considering how much these beauties cost, you'll definitely want protection. We've rounded up the best options.

Orzero screen protector

Simple installation: Orzero TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Staff pick

This ultra-thin glass screen protector feels just like the original screen of your watch, allowing for a more comfortable fit. The material is 99.9% transparent, so you'll be able to clearly see the face of your TIcWatch Pro without an issue. The glass is also harder than a knife blade, so it can withstand a great deal of pressure.

$7 at Amazon
Supershieldz screen protector

Bubble free: SuperShieldz TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (2-Pack)

The SuperShieldz 2.5D rounded edge glass screen protector is comfortable and smooth on your fingers. It's also large enough that it'll cover the entire screen rather than just a portion of it. This screen protector is bubble free and has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to prevent sweat and reduce fingerprints.

$6 at Amazon
Lamshaw screen protector

Completely shatterproof: Lamshaw TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-Pack)

In this Lamshaw product, you'll find a total of three glass protectors that are 99% transparent. They won't affect touchscreen accuracy, either. You can expect 9H hardness, which means it's explosion-proof and will protect your watch from accidental drops, scratches, dirt, and dust. It also comes with a cloth to help keep your screen clean.

$7 at Amazon
Soarking screen protector

Smooth glass touch: Soarking TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-Pack)

The Soarking TicWatch Pro screen protector is made from military-grade, yellow-resistant material that protects against scratches and drop damage. The protector fits the screen well, which is ideal for keeping dust and the like off your watch's face. With three screen protectors included in this pack, you'll be able to share with family and friends.

$7 at Amazon
FINENIC screen protector

Flawless touchscreen accuracy: FINENIC TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-pack)

You don't have to sacrifice the original touchscreen experience with this screen protector from FINENIC. It's also easy to install thanks to the careful craftsmanship and rounded edges that provide a perfect fit. The high-definition transparency film ensures your TicWatch Pro screen stays sharp with vibrant colors, just how you like it.

$6 at Amazon
Diruite screen protector

Total coverage: Diruite TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (4-Pack)

Leave no part of your watch screen uncovered with this screen protector from Diruite. You can have peace of mind knowing that your entire screen is fully protected from accidental scuffs and scratches. It's easy to install, provides a high-definition viewing experience, and won't leave bubbles behind. What more do you need?

$6 at Amazon

Protect the Pro

Finding the right screen protector for your TicWatch Pro doen't have to be difficult. Your goal is to find one that will prolong your watch's life, allow you to see the screen without any blurriness, and protect it from damage. We're confident that you'll have all that and more with the Orzero TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-pack).

If you're most concerned about having a screen protector that's going to provide total coverage, look no further than the Diruite TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-Pack). Every inch of your screen will be protected. Plus, you'll still be able to count on having high-definition transparency when you look at your screen. You might even forget it's there!

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