Best Screen Protectors for TicWatch E Android Central 2021

Screen protectors are a very useful accessory to have for your items — especially when it comes to smartwatches. While you may not think they're a necessity, screen protectors can guard your accessories against unsightly scratches, water damage, and even drop damage. That's why even if you deem yourself cautious, you should still consider investing in a screen protector to help extend the lifespan of your TicWatch E.

Supershieldz TicWatch E screen protector

Crystal clear: Supershieldz TicWatch E Screen Protector (2-pack)

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This two-pack of screen protectors from Supershieldz is made from the highest quality glass and comes with bubble-free adhesives so you won't mess up your watch's screen. It's also scratch-resistant and is rainbow-effect proofed — meaning that your screen will be completely clear from the damaging effects of light and hard surfaces. You'll also get a dust cloth for whenever you want to give it a cleaning.

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Ace Armor Shield TicWatch E screen protector

Easy installation: Ace Armor Shield TicWatch E Screen Protector (6-Pack)

If you want an easy installation, your wish is granted with the Ace Armor Shield screen protector. The unique error-free installation method allows you to align the cutouts and edges properly to your TicWatch E. Flexibility is never an issue as it conforms to rounded curvatures without ever cracking. You can count on a bubble-free experience and high-definition clarity, too.

$7 at Amazon
Kujian TicWatch E screen protector

Shatterproof protection: Kujian Ticwatch E Screen Protector

In addition to protection from scratches and smudges, the Kujian TicWatch E screen protectors are shatterproof. The quality tempered glass promises top-notch durability, so your smartwatch will always be safe from harm. Most importantly, your device's original touch sensitivity remains intact. The installation is a breeze as well. Simply place the screen protector on the screen and it automatically sucks itself down on your watch.

$8 at Amazon
Orzero TicWatch E screen protector

For both E and S: Orzero TicWatch E Screen Protector

This four-pack of Orzero screen protectors has been specifically designed for the TicWatch E as well as the S. If you and your family have one or the other, this pack of four is ideal for sharing. Like the other protectors, it has a durable glass screen that prevents scratches from keys, hard surfaces, and more. The glass itself is thin so that the device doesn't feel any different to the touch and it doesn't affect touchscreen accuracy, either.

$7 at Amazon
IPG TicWatch E screen protector

Self-healing protection: IPG TicWatch E Screen Protector

The IPG TicWatch E screen protector is made of a thin, aerospace material that is designed to be tough against scratches, drop-damage and the like. What's more, the screen protector is also designed in such a way that it can heal scratches that are already embedded on your watch. This can be particularly useful for those who already possess a scratched watch, but want a protector that'll stop any further marking.

$9 at Amazon
Akwox TicWatch E screen protector

Precise coverage: Akwox TicWatch E Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This four-pack of tempered glass screen protectors have been laser-cut to provide maximum coverage. The product comes with a liquid solution for making adjustments as you install it, which is helpful to those who struggle with the process. The protector is almost completely transparent, so you don't have to worry about it affecting the look or feel of the screen.

$5 a Amazon

Get protected

Screen protectors can be easy to find, but it's hard to know which one will be affordable but still offer good quality. That's why we recommend the Supershieldz TicWatch E Screen Protector (2-pack). Not only does it come with two glass screen protectors, but it is designed to protect your watch from damage caused by both light and hard surfaces. It even has a protective coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints.

If you're most concerned about the installation process, you'll want to check out the Ace Armor Shield TicWatch E Screen Protector (6-Pack). It provides you with a smooth and simple experience thanks to the unique liquiform error-free installation method. All you have to do is align the cutouts and edges accordingly. It comes with a total of six screen protectors, so you'll have plenty for the road or you can share with friends!

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