Best Galaxy Watch Active Screen Protectors in 2022

Galaxy Watch Active
Galaxy Watch Active (Image credit: Android Central)

Protecting your watch's screen is necessary to keep it looking great — and scratch-free. In order to do that for your Galaxy Watch Active, your screen protector has to be 40mm, round, and not completely frustrating to install. Thankfully, there are some solid choices out there that check all of these boxes.

Keep that screen clean

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These are some of the very best screen protectors out there. They're all capable of protecting your Galaxy Watch Active against accidental drops, scratches, and so on. They're all also the right size and make, ensuring you'll have optimal protection. The good news is that they're all high-quality options, but we strongly recommend the IQ Shield Screen Protector (6-Pack) because not only do you get a lot for your money, but they're extremely durable so you can count on them to last. What more could you want?

You'll also be happy with the L K Screen Protector (6-Pack), which offers maximum screen coverage and gives you peace of mind when it comes to protection for your watch screen. You'll have all the protection you need and a smooth, thin layer that's as flexible as you need it to be. If you're worried about protecting more than just the screen, consider the Tensea Soft TPU Screen Protector Cover, which also keeps the outer area of your watch safe.

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