Best Screen Protectors for Galaxy Watch Active Android Central 2019

Protecting your watch's screen is necessary to keep it looking great — and scratch-free. To do that for your Galaxy Watch Active, your screen protector has to be 40mm, round, and not a complete pain in the butt to put on in the first place. Thankfully, I think I can help with these selected screen protectors.

No more bubbles: SPGuard Screen Protector (6 Pack)

Staff pick

The SPGuard screen protector is a light film protector that shields against scratches and drop damage, as well as leaving your watch's face bubble-free. The film also has a coating that protects against smudging, and is fully transparent so that it won't affect the color of your watch's screen.

$9 at Amazon

Preserves screen color: FINENIC Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Money saver

The glass of the FINENIC screen protector is thick and durable against hard objects like key blades, as well as accidental drops, all at the same time as confirming unaffected touchscreen accuracy of your Galaxy Watch Active. The glass also has a thin coating that protects against smudges, and is fully transparent so your watch's screen remains sharp and preserves its original colors.

$7 at Amazon

Heals like a champ: Healing Shield Screen Protector

The Healing Shield screen protector is ideal for those who merely have to breathe to end up breaking stuff. This is due to the screen protector having a scratch resistant film that not only prevents daily scratches but heals those that occurred before the installation of the screen protector.

$9 at Amazon

Drop damage? Never again: Lamshaw Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Made from glass, these Lamshaw screen protectors may seem thin and thus, a little flimsy, but are in fact plenty durable to protect from drop damage, as well as scratches. It is also fully transparent, meaning no pesky rainbow colors from lights will prevent you from seeing everything your watch has to offer.

$9 at Amazon

No effect on touchscreen: TopAce Screen Protector (6 Pack)

The TopAce screen protector is a protective film that requires no cutting out to fit perfectly on your Galaxy Watch Active's 40mm face. It's thin layer allows for you to feel as though you're touching the original screen, and as such, has no effect on touch screen accuracy.

$8 at Amazon

No smudging possible: DeltaShield Screen Protector (6 Pack)

Equipped with self-healing properties to heal scratches, the DeltaShield screen protector is resistant to fingerprint smudging, dust and dirt — ensuring you a fully transparent screen. The DeltaShield also comes with five other screen protectors, useful if you'd like to share it with family or friends.

$8 at Amazon

These are the best screen protectors that'll provide what you need against accidental drops, scratches, and the like. They're all good-quality protectors, but I recommend the SPGuard Screen Protector (6 Pack) because you get a lot for your money, and the installation is blissfully bubble-free. What else could you want?

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