Best Screen Protectors for Moto Z4 Android Central 2021

The Moto Z4 is the latest modular phone from Motorola's Z-series line up, and it's got a screen that's worth protecting. It features an updated OLED display with a great screen-to-body ratio and an optical fingerprint sensor under the glass. Not every protector will fit, so we've rounded up the best tempered glass and film screen protectors for the Z4.

Best protection: Mr.Shield Tempered Glass (3-pack)

Staff pick

Mr.Shield offers a three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for the Moto Z4 that feature a slight cutout around the camera at the top. The display has curved edges, so these were designed to deliver maximum coverage without any peeling and should be compatible with most cases.

$6 at Amazon

Natural feel: Supershieldz PET Film (6-pack)

Well, you really can't beat the value here. Supershieldz offers up six film screen protectors for your Moto Z4 that should work out well if you buy multiple Moto Z4s through your carrier for your whole family, or just want some extras. Film screen protectors should also work flawlessly with the in-display fingerprint sensor.

$6 at Amazon

Case compatible: KuGi Tempered Glass (2-pack)

KuGi's two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors only come with one set of wipes for installation, but if you take the time to install it right the first time you might not ever need to use the second one. It features a cutout for the camera up top and oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smudges — all the standard stuff you'd expect for the price.

$6 at Amazon

Updated version: Supershieldz Tempered Glass (3-pack)

Supershieldz offers a three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors with a listing that says this is the updated version. It's not uncommon for issues to emerge from the first run of screen protectors, so this appears to be an improved version from an otherwise reliable brand. If you've bought a Supershieldz product before this is the one to get for the Moto Z4

$8 at Amazon

Punchout hole for camera: DONWELL Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

This is another tempered glass screen protector, but the differentiator here is the punchout hole for the front-facing camera. It's a different look that you might prefer and should be helpful for lining up a perfect installation. There's also a two-pack option for a dollar more if you want a backup.

$8 at Amazon

Premium carrier option: ZAGG InvisibleShield Tempered Glass

If you're buying your phone through Verizon, you might have already seen the option to buy a Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector for your phone. This is a costly option, but you can often get an in-store rep to install the screen protector for you, and this one is verified to work well with the fingerprint scanner.

$40 at Verizon

Film might be better for the fingerprint scanner

We mentioned up top about the Moto Z4's in-display optical fingerprint scanner. That's a great feature on its own, but it may create more issues if you don't get a perfect installation with your screen protector. Tempered glass is known to cause more issues with in-display fingerprint sensors compared to thinner film screen protectors, so that's something to keep in mind.

Our top recommendation is the Mr. Shield Tempered Glass three-pack that gives you three screen reliable screen protectors that should offer the best protection for your Moto Z4. Mr.Shield always backs their products with lifetime replacements in case you have problems installing, or it doesn't fit your device properly.

If you'd prefer a film screen protector your best option — and from what I could find your only option — is this six-pack from Supershieldz. Some people find that film screen protectors show scratches faster than tempered glass ones, so having that many backups for such a low price is a deal you can't afford to miss.

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