Best Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 9 in 2022

Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector
Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Your Galaxy Note 9 is a great, big phone with a great big screen — and if you break that screen, it'll be hundreds of dollars to replace it. Do your wallet, your sanity, and your Note 9 a favor and protect it with a Note 9 screen protector! Tempered glass screen protectors offer superior drop protection and feel just like your phone's native glass, but they can be expensive and can decrease the touch sensitivity of your screen. Film protectors offer great scratch protection in a thinner, cheaper package, but they don't offer as much protection against drops.

Give your Note 9 screen a refresh

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Given that the Note 9 is getting up there in age, you might be noticing more micro-abrasions on the display if you haven't been using a Note 9 screen protector. The good news is that it's not too late, and with the right screen protector, you can basically restore the look of a brand new screen without affecting the touch sensitivity, all while protecting it from future harm.

The Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector is the perfect companion to your Note 9. It will keep the display scratch-free, repel fingerprints, and protect your phone in case of a hard fall.

If you don't want to — or can't afford to — spend that much on a screen protector, there are always thin films that won't guard as well against drops but will protect against scratches like a pro. For film protectors, IQ Shield has its stuff together when it comes to affordable, self-healing skins that are easy to apply and maintain.

You'll get great impact resistance with the InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite, which has a shock-absorbent layer, along with great touch sensitivity so you can type away to your heart's content.

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