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Finding the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protector for your device will depend on a few important factors. First, you'll want to be sure you're choosing a product that matches your specific case size (40mm or 44mm). Next, decide what type of screen protector you want. Some popular options include tempered glass for the screen as well as protective cases for full coverage. We've put together a few of our favorites to help you choose.

Supershieldz Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 40mm

The best protection: Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Staff Pick

When you're looking for all-around protection, you'll want to consider this three-pack from Supershieldz. All the features you seek in a screen protector are present. You'll enjoy high-quality tempered glass for maximum scratch protection, high-definition clarity, and hydrophobic as well as oleophobic coating to reduce sweat and fingerprints.

Spguard Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector

Amazing precision: SPGUARD Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)

A common concern when using screen protectors is not getting it perfectly aligned on your watch. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with this 3-pack from SPGUARD. These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protectors for transparency and low reflection. What's more, you get a special alignment tool for a hassle-free installation.

Sumoan Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 40mm

Banish bubbles: Suoman Tempered Glass Screen Protector (4-Pack)

Nobody likes a screen protector that leaves their display full of pesky bubbles. That'll never be a problem you face with this four-pack of tempered glass screen protectors from Suoman. Aside from a bubble-free installation, you also get superior transparency for a crisp and clear viewing experience. It's tough but only .25mm thick, so you'll hardly notice it at all.

Spigen Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 44mm

Unmatched coverage: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Screen Protector

Perhaps you're worried about your display as well as the rest of the watch case. This hybrid screen protector from Spigen offers unmatched coverage with a shock-absorbent bumper case around the edges and a clear screen cover for the display. What's more, this product is fully compatible with the key sensors on the watch and has a precise design with button cut-outs.

Spectre Shield Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 44mm

Best bang for your buck: Spectre Shield Screen Protector (8-Pack)

Those who bought the 44mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will appreciate this eight-pack of wet-install screen protectors from Spectre Shield. Share with family and friends or keep some as backups. The flawless design uses laser-cut precision for a perfect fit and the high-definition transparency film ensures your display remains sharp and vibrant.

Orzero Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 40mm

Practically invisible: Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)

If you've got a small wrist, you may prefer the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. If so, this three-pack of screen protectors from Orzero fits the bill. They're made of thin yet durable tempered glass, so it'll always feel like you're touching the original screen. You'll be protected from accidental scuffs, drops, and scratches. The company offers lifetime replacements, too!

Nukin Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector

Lightweight transparency: araree NUKIN Full Protective Case

For coverage that protects your display as well as the case, check out this option from araree NUKIN. The ultra-slim design is made of lightweight polycarbonate that will protect both the display and the corners from scratches and other damage. Best of all? You won't have to mess with any sticky residue or a complicated installation process.

Panawabi Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 4 Pack

Always clear: Panawabi Tempered Glass, Screen Protector (4-Pack)

These durable tempered glass screen protectors from Panawabi come with 4 in a pack. They're made with an ultra-thin film that's just .20mm thick, so you'll always enjoy original touchscreen sensitivity and clarity for quick app launching and easy navigation. The high-def coverage leaves no gaps, which means your entire screen is covered and protected.

Rinogear Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector 44mm

Perfectly flexible: RinoGear Screen Protector (8-Pack)

Another Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protector to consider is this 8-pack of wet-install screen protectors from RinoGear. This is an ideal option for highly active individuals. The company uses a flexible "smart skin" film material that perfectly covers curves. Some other desirable features include crystal clear clarity and 100% touchscreen functionality.

L K Galaxy Watch Active 2 screen protector

Self-healing protection: LK Flexible Film Screen Protector (6-Pack)

If you're seeking the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protector with self-healing abilities, consider this 6-pack from LK. In addition to flawless edge-to-edge coverage and high-definition transparency, you'll also appreciate that these screen protectors can self-heal scratches and bubbles over time. Your screen will stay looking flawless!

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protectors: Pick one

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LifestyleSource: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best Android smartwatches you can buy, you want to take excellent care of it. No matter how you plan to use your wearable, you'll be interacting with the AMOLED display quite a bit. Therefore, it's a good idea to invest in a screen protector. Fortunately, there are several solid options out there.

We have to recommend the three-Pack of Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protectors as the best overall pick. You'll have all the features you need for maximum protection, including a residue-free material that protects again scratches. The tempered glass offers optimal clarity for the original touchscreen experience. Additionally, the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating helps reduce sweat and fingerprints. With all of these perks, you can see why it's one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protectors you can buy.

If you want the best of both worlds with a product that protects the display and the rest of the watch case, you'll love the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Screen Protector. Rather than only protecting the vulnerable display, this product also offers a shock-absorbent bumper case that will also protect the edges. You'll still be able to access the side buttons and use all of the key health sensors.

Regardless of what type of coverage you're seeking for your device, these are just a few of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen protectors out there. Whether you're looking for a thin tempered glass option or you want all-around coverage with a protective case, there's plenty more where that came from!

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