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Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE might be mostly made of plastic, but it still warrants protecting, especially when it comes to the screen. Thus, you'll probably be looking for the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors. Pair it up with some of the best Galaxy S20 FE cases, and you have all the protection you'll need. This smartphone turns heads with its sleek design and a spec-sheet that could rival some of the best Android phones on the market.

Supershieldz S20 Fe Glass Screen Protector Pack

Easy application: Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3 pack)

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Supershieldz is one of the most popular brands of screen protectors because not only is the glass quite durable, but the pocketbook-style application method is so easy even my mother can put them on by herself. This pack also gives you two spares, so if your first one shatters in the line of duty, you can replace it the moment you get home.

S20 Glass Fusion

Screen and eye protection: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+

ZAGG makes some of the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors with the InvisibleShield Glass+. This screen protector is not only rated to be four times stronger than the competition but also has some benefits for your eyes. The built-in Eyesafe layer also helps to filter out the HEV blue light, making it easier on your eyes.

ArmorSuit S20 FE Screen Protector

Thin and flexible: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Max Coverage Film

Best Film

If you don't like the difference in touch sensitivity that you get with glass, film protectors offer some scratch-protection while still being thin and responsive. This "Max Coverage" version is edge to edge, so you won't have to worry as much about feeling the edges of it the way you do with "case-friendly" screen protectors.

$9 at Amazon
MP-Mall S20 FE Screen Protectors Render

All the glass: MP-Mall Anti-Fingerprint Tempered Glass (4 pack)

Since the Galaxy S20 FE now features a plastic and aluminum build, you now have two pieces of glass to protect. With this tempered glass kit from MP-Mall, you'll get two screen protectors for the big screen, along with two more glass lens protectors for the camera module.

$11 at Amazon
LK Tempered Glass S20 Fe Render

Extra backup: LK Ultra-Thin HD Tempered Glass (6 pack)

Installing screen protectors can be quite a pain, but LK makes it easy with its Tempered Glass kit. There are three glass protectors for the front, along with three for the camera module. But the company also includes an alignment tool to make sure you get the perfect installation on the first attempt.

$11 at Amazon
OMOTON Tempered Glass Galaxy S20 FE

Ultra-thin: OMOTON Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass (3 pack)

Some screen protectors add too much bulk to a sleek device like the Galaxy S20 FE. That's not the case with the OMOTON Tempered Glass kit, which comes with screen protectors that add just 0.3mm of thickness. This helps to make it feel like you don't even have a screen protector installed.

$8 at Amazon
Uniqueme S20 Fe Screen Protectors Render Reco

No bubbles allowed: UniqueMe Bubble Free Tempered Glass (2+3 pack)

With the UniqueMe Bubble Free Tempered Glass kit, you'll get three screen protectors and two camera guards with rounded corners. The company states these will keep your display looking clear, and the oleophobic coating helps reduce the number of fingerprints that show up. UniqueMe's protectors also feature a nano-automatic absorption technology to ensure that you won't have to worry about bubbles or fingerprints getting in the way of your installation.

$8 at Amazon
Spigen Tempered Glass S20 Fe Screen Protector

Made for cases: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S20 FE

The problem with screen protectors is that they often peel up around the corners when they butt up against the edges of a case. Still, Spigen, as one of the best case manufacturers on the market, knows exactly how to strike that balance between fully covering your screen and having just enough room to not interfere with your case.

Supershieldz PET Film Galaxy S20 FE Render

Plastic works too: Supershieldz PET Film Screen Protector (6 pack)

Although PET Film screen protectors won't do too much to protect the display from cracking, these are still useful. This package from Supershieldz includes six-film screen protectors, so your display should be just fine for as long as you own the Galaxy S20 FE.

Avoid the scratches and get the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors

When you're looking for the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors, you can't go wrong with the Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3 pack). You get a couple of spares, which can come in handy if you tend to drop your phone a lot — remember, a glass screen protector is supposed to break to protect the screen when your phone endures a harsh fall. The application method is easy even if you're not tech-obsessed with the delicate hands of a master craftsman.

If you tend to get eye strain headaches a lot (like me), consider upgrading to the ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass+. In addition to keeping your device's display looking pristine, these also aim to help alleviate potential eye strain from staring at your display. These screen protectors even feature "embedded ions" to help kill off most of the bacteria that can accumulate on your display.

Those who want to protect the main display and want some protection for the camera module will love the MP-Mall tempered kit. There are two tempered glass screen protectors for the primary screen, but two smaller protectors are for the rear camera module. Installation couldn't be easier with the included instructions, and you won't have to worry about dealing with any bubbles either.

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