Best Programming Kits for Kids Android Central 2021

What makes a good programming kit, particularly for children? There's no real, solid answer for that. But what we do know is this: a kit that'll allow your child to take the first steps in creating new, imaginative things with code is always a good thing. That's why, with these kits, you'll be able to start your child on programming without it either being too difficult or too easy. All they'll need is a sense of creativity, determination and the willingness to learn.

Programming made easy: Kano Computer Kit

Here at Android Central, we love the Kano Computer and we're 100% sure you and your child will love it too. Not only will you be building your own computer with this kit, but once finished there is a step-by-step guide that will teach your child just how to make some fantastic, must-have features. Programming your own game? No problem! The Kano Computer is perfect for those who are just getting started on their programming adventure.

$100 at Amazon

A hands on approach: Elegoo UNO R3 Starter Kit

While you may look at this kit in horror, the Elegoo UNO R3 really was made for everyone — yes, even kids. Thanks to the tutorial enclosed, you'll be able to create display modules, transistors, robotics and so much more, and all while having fun at the exact same time. What's more, with 200+ quality components, you'll also have the option to create so much more, especially if your child is already acquainted with programming and wants to go a step further.

$54 at Amazon

Makes learning fun: Piper Computer STEM Kit

Like the Kano, you'll need to build your Piper Kit. But once that's over, your child will head straight into programming. With the kit's custom Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, they'll be experiencing an adventure through building and programming electronic modules. But it isn't all fun and games, levels on the Piper Kit will increase the challenge, but if you're still in need of help, the kit will help teach new electronics and programming concepts step by step.

$200 at Amazon

Make programming pretty: Kano Pixel Kit

Coding doesn't have to be dreary. With the Kano Pixel Kit you can create a number of things through the use of colored pixels — such as songs, lights, games, and even cute messages to show off to everyone. Furthermore, it won't be too difficult either, thanks to the 30+ step-by-step creative challenge that the kit has on offer. And did we tell you that you can access a lot of the programming through your smartphone? No? Well, now you know.

$80 at Amazon

Beginner friendly: Arduino Programming Starter Kit

Cool name? Check. Guaranteed to help your child with programming? Double check. Including over 200 electronic parts and components, the Arduino starter kit comes with an instruction manual that'll help newcomers start programming right from the get-go. What's more, there are up to 15 starter projects for you to get stuck into, so your child won't be feeling any bored anytime soon.

$77 at Amazon

These are the absolute best programming kits around, and will make a great gift for your child. Each kit has their own way of teaching the ways of programming and electronics, but none is as fascinating, nor narrative-heavy, than the Piper Computer STEM kit. It'd be a crime to give it a miss, so instead, give it a try!

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