Finding a good price on a quality tablet can be tough these days, so we've compiled a roundup of the best Prime Day deals on tablets to help save you some money. Tablets are great devices for leisurely enjoying videos, games, or reading, but they can also double as portable productivity machines.

There are a number of great options in the "tablet" space, from Amazon's Fire tablets to Android tablet options from the likes of Samsung and Lenovo. We've also seen some fantastic deals on Apple iPads and yes, even Chromebook/Chrome OS tablets (they exist!). Don't forget that one of the top audiences for tablets are children, so we've included the best kids tablet deals too. Whichever top manufacturer you like, and whatever OS you prefer, chances are there will be a great deal on the perfect tablet for you during Prime Day 2020.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet with keyboard and kickstand

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

I know that it may seem strange to put a Chromebook device as our top pick for the best Prime Day tablet deal, but we love this device. It hasn't been easy to find, so now that it's back on Amazon at a discount is a great thing.

Best Tablet Deals Available Now

Best Amazon Tablet Deals

It should come as no surprise that some of the best Prime Day tablet deals are for Amazon's own first-party Fire tablets. Fire tablets are already an insane value and are arguably among the most popular tablets sold today (after Apple's iPads). Fire tablets run Fire OS, a forked version of Android that focuses heavily on Amazon products and services. Not only will you get a great portal to hands-free Alexa, Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Audible, but you can play thousands of games and access many of the top Android apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

While Fire tablets are also available in kid versions (see further below), the "regular" tablets come in a 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch versions, with the larger-sized models sporting HD resolution. Amazon also recently announced a more premium version of its popular Fire HD 8 tablet called the Fire HD 8 Plus, which can charge wirelessly. When paired with a wireless charging dock accessory in Show Mode, it makes an excellent alternative to a smart screen like an Echo Show or Google Nest Home device.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet official render

Fire 7 | $10 off at Amazon

This value tablet features hands-free Alexa and has all the great apps and services you'd expect from Amazon. It's available in traditional black, plum, sage, or twilight blue variants.

From $40 at Amazon
Fire Hd 8 2020 Colors

Fire HD 8 | $35 off at Amazon

We expect the HD 8 to be Amazon's top-selling Fire tablet this Prime Day. It comes in three colors and two storage configurations (32GB and 64GB), and you can increase the storage up to 1TB with a microSD card.

From $55 at Amazon
Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus Render

Fire HD 8 Plus | $35 off at Amazon

The Fire HD 8 Plus is Amazon's premium tablet experience, featuring improved internal components and high-end features like wireless charging. If you want the best, this is the one to get.

From $75 at Amazon
Amazon Fire Hd 10 Colors Official Render

Fire HD 10 | $70 off at Amazon

With its full HD screen and Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, the Fire HD 10 is like a little TV in your hands!

From $80 at Amazon

Best Apple iPad Deals

Apple's iPads are far and away the most popular and acclaimed tablets on the market today. The devices run a version of iOS called iPadOS that should be very familiar to iPhone and Mac users. iPads come in several different sizes and at several different price points for different kinds of consumers.

Whether you're an on-the-go professional who needs the advanced capabilities of the iPad Pro line, or you just want something compact that ties into all of your apps and Apple services like the iPad Mini, there is an iPad for you. Even the entry-level 10.2-inch iPad is a great value that can outperform just about any Android tablet around. All iPads also now support smart keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards, mouse and trackpad input, and a version of the Apple Pencil stylus.

Apple Ipad 8th Gen Colors

Apple iPad 10.2 (2020) | $30 off at Amazon

This entry-level iPad is no bargain basement tablet. It bosts Apple's powerful A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, which is more than capable of handling most tablet needs. It also works with the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard.

From $299 at Amazon
iPad mini

Apple iPad Mini (2019) | $50 off at Amazon

Long a fan-favorite, the latest iPad Mini also features the powerful A12 Bionic chip like the iPad 10.2. It's perfect for watching videos, reading books, or jotting down notes and pictures with the Apple Pencil.

From $350 at Amazon
iPad Pro (2020)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) | $50 off at Amazon

This is the cream of all tablets, but it's so worth its hefty price tag. Its A12Z Bionic chip can put many laptops (including Apple's) to shame, and its 120hz ProMotion, True Tone display, is a sight to behold.

From $949 at Amazon

Best Lenovo Tablet Deals

Lenovo may not be the first name you think of when considering a tablet, but these devices should be near the top of your list, especially if you want a well-made Android tablet. The Smart Tab line is affordable, and even offers versions that can connect to smart speaker docs and respond to hands-free Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant commands.

The other kind of tablet that Lenovo makes is a Chromebook, but because that runs a different operating system (Chrome OS, with Android app support), we've included it in a separate section below.

Lenovo Tab M8

Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD | $10 off at Amazon

This affordable Android tablet sports an all-metal back, a stunning 8-inch HD display, and a 5000mAh battery. With a stand, it can also double as a Google Assistant smart display.

$90 at Amazon
Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Fhd Plus

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus | $10 off at Amazon

This larger tablet has improved specs over the M8, such as a faster processor and a full HD screen. It is available with a speaker doc that can also turn it into a smart display compatible with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

From $170 at Amazon

Best Samsung Tablet Deals

Samsung has earned a reputation for making amazing smartphones, but it's also known for making some of the best-performing and best-looking Android tablets. Like its smartphones, the company produces tablets in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points. It even makes kid-specific tablets (covered in another section below)!

We didn't add the new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ to this list because they have not been discounted to date, but we will be sure to feature them prominently on this list if and when their prices drop for Prime Day 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e | $50 off at Amazon

This "budget" tablet is no slouch at performance, with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It can get up to 15 hours of battery life, but it isn't compatible with the S Pen. It also comes with four months of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, courtesy of Samsung.

From $350 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite | $100 off at Amazon

If you want to experience the magic of Samsung's S Pen at an affordable price, this is the tablet for you. It's got a large 10.1-inch screen but is remarkably thin and light.

$249 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 | $150 off at Amazon

While no longer the newest flagship, this premium Android tablet still looks and performs like a king. You can get it with up to 8GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855, which is more than enough for most tasks. Plus, it works great with Samsung's external keyboard case and S Pen.

From $500 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | $95 off at Amazon

The newest Galaxy Tab S from Samsung builds on the successes of the S6 line, with a redesigned S Pen and enhanced Dex mode for ultimate productivity. Bixby voice can now launch apps on your command.

From $549 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | $100 off at Amazon

The Galaxy Tab S7+ delivers laptop performance in a thin and light tablet. It features an 11-inch Super AMOLED screen, a redesigned S Pen, and fast charging capabilities.

From $750 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 | $56 off at Amazon

This 8-inch budget tablet can last up to 13 hours and supports microSD cards up to 512GB, making it perfect for binge-watching videos on the go. It also comes in a kids' version (see kids section below).

From $94 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 1 Cropped Render

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 | $11 off at Amazon

If you want a large tablet but don't want to pay Galaxy Tab S6 or S7 prices, this model is worth your consideration. It starts at well under $200, and it is on sale from $40-$50 off, depending on the storage tier you select.

From $219 at Amazon

Best Kids Tablet Deals

If you're thinking about picking up a tablet for the kids this Prime Day, you're probably just thinking about an Amazon Fire Tablet Kids Edition, and that's great, but did you know that several other companies make quality kids tablets? Some devices from companies like Samsung run a version of Android, while others may run proprietary software. Regardless, all feature age-appropriate apps and content and are designed to appeal to young ones and take just about any abuse they can dish out.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Cropped Render

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition | $40 off at Amazon

This small tablet is affordable, portable, and it comes with a built-in stand in its case.

$60 at Amazon
Amazon Fire Hd 8 Kids Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition | $60 off at Amazon

Upgrade to the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for USB-C, an HD-quality screen, and up to 1TB in storage.

$80 at Amazon
Fire Hd 10 Kids Blue

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition | $70 off at Amazon

This tablet is the most expensive Fire Tablet available, but it's great for families with multiple children and/or those who like to watch videos together.

$130 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids 2019 Cropped Render

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition | $50 off at Amazon

Samsung took the popular Galaxy Tab A 8, slapped a durable bumper case on it, installed kid-friendly apps and software, and called it a day. This is precisely what Amazon does with its Fire Kids Edition tablets, and it works just as well on Galaxy.

$100 at Amazon
Leapfrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet

Leapfrog Epic Academic Edition | $12 off at Amazon

This device is better suited for younger children (3-8 years old). It comes with over 20 educational apps and a three-month subscription to LeapFrog Academy, which consists of interactive learning guides.

From $108 at Amazon
Vankyo Matrixpad Z1 Kids Tablet

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 Kids | $14 off at Amazon

Amazon and Samsung aren't the only games in town when it comes to kid-friendly Android tablets. Vankyo's smaller-sized kids' tablet comes with pre-loaded, unlimited children's content, and a sturdy bumper case.

$66 at Amazon
Vankyo Matrixpad S8 Kids Tablet

Vankyo MatrixPad S8 Kids | 25% off coupon at Amazon

This is a slightly larger version of the previous tablet with all of the same software and hardware features from the smaller model. These are a great alternative to Amazon's Fire tablets, especially when you consider that their kids' software is free.

$90 at Amazon

Best Chromebook / Chrome OS Tablet Deals

You may have gotten to this point in the article and become very confused. While Chrome OS on a tablet form factor has not always been the best user experience, Google and manufacturers have been putting in a lot of work over the past few years to make it not only usable but enjoyable.

The best two examples of this work are the incredibly affordable Lenovo Chromebook Duet and the Google Pixel Slate. Both are optimized to work with keyboard and stylus devices, and both are capable of running both Android and Linux apps. The Chromebook Duet ships with a kickstand case and keyboard in the box, while peripherals for the Pixel Slate are an additional expense.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet with keyboard and kickstand

Lenovo Chromebook Duet | $40-$50 off at Amazon

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is not only our top tablet pick for Prime Day deals, but it is one of our top-recommended Chromebooks overall. It ships with a built-in kickstand case and keyboard and has a gorgeous 10.1-inch display.

Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate | $288 off at Amazon

Initially panned by critics after its release, the Google Pixel Slate has reemerged as a strong contender for the best Chrome/Android tablet experience thanks to optimizations in Chrome OS and outstanding build quality.

From $511 at Amazon

Which tablet should you buy?

There are so many great tablets available to choose from at different price points, in different sizes, and from different manufacturers. You can find great deals during Prime Day on iPads, Fire tablets, and Android tablets from manufacturers like Lenovo and Samsung. There are also deals to be had on Chrome OS tablets and convertible Chromebooks if you would rather go that route.

Typically when comparing phones, we recommend that you pick the best phone for the ecosystem you primarily use, but that rule of thumb doesn't necessarily apply here for tablets. Android users can feel secure in their Android identity if they buy an iPad, and iPhone users can get a lot of value and utility from a Chrome OS or Fire tablet.

My top Prime Day 2020 tablet deal recommendations per OS would be the iPad 10.2 for Apple, the Fire HD 8 for Amazon, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for Android. Oh, and don't forget our top overall pick, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet!

Prime Day 2020 Tablet deals I'm most excited about

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet has proven to be one of the best tablet offerings of the entire year, so we're thrilled to see it discounted a bit for Prime Day. Whether you want to use it for work or play, it has all of the power and features you could ask for at an impressive price.

We're also impressed by Amazon's deals for its own Fire Tablets — specifically for the Fire HD 8, 8 Plus, and 10. Fire Tablets aren't the most amazing Android tablets on the market, but they work well and are affordable for most families. If you need a quality slate for checking Twitter or watching YouTube, these fit the bill perfectly.

What were the best Prime Day 2019 Fire Tablet deals?

Last year saw some steep discounts of up to $80 or more on the entry-level iPad, so hopefully, we'll see more than the current $10 off that the newer version has (or maybe we'll see some of the 2019 models at a steep discount). The iPads Pro saw similar $50 deals, so I don't expect those devices to go too much lower.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A got a massive $90 price cut in 2019, so perhaps we can expect the A8 to dip even further. It's also worth keeping an eye on Amazon's Fire tablets, specifically the Kids Editions. Those often get discounts of $50 or more!

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