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The best phone stands for Zoom & Google Meet video meetings, and calls will be able to support your smartphone at various angles, let you place the phone in vertical or horizontal position, and offer stable and secure support while also not scratching the precious device. They would also be compact and able to accommodate multiple phones so you can share with others and still use the same stand when you upgrade your device.

Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand

Simple and affordable: Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand

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This adjustable cradle dock can accommodate a wide range of phones, from 4" small up to 10" tablets, and is fully collapsible to pop into your bag or briefcase. Made of aluminum, it stays in place and has rubber pads to protect from scratching or sliding. You can even put a phone on it with a case for a total thickness of 19mm.

Omoton C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Holder

Load it up: OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Holder

Made of rigid aluminum that is anti-scratch and anti-slip, this adjustable angle holder can accommodate a phone with even heavy cases on. It can rotate your phone up to 270-degrees so you can get just the right angle.

$12 at Amazon
Lisen Cell Phone Stand

Good for standing desks: LISEN Cell Phone Stand

If you use a standing desk, this one is a good option that can keep the phone at face height thanks to its aluminum alloy rod and weighted anti-slip base. It can adjust the height between 7.1 and 8.5 inches and the angle from 5 up to 85 degrees, which can help you improve your posture and reduce neck and back strain while having a long Zoom or Google Meet call.

Amazonbasics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Desk Stand

Keep it charged: AmazonBasics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Desk Stand

Like others on this list, this simple yet functional stand has a hole to keep your phone charging while you go over the annual budget or chat with friends and family. It fits most devices with 4-8-inch screens and lets you adjust the angle up to 270-degrees, securing your phone in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

$13 at Amazon
Ubeesize Phone Tripod

Three-legged friend: UBeesize Phone Tripod

Technically a tripod, there's no reason you can't use this portable and flexible device for Zoom and Google Meet calls. It stands 10 inches tall, has non-skid rubber feet, tilts up to 90-degrees, and can even be controlled from up to 30 feet away using the included wireless remote. Are you having a video meeting while cooking or exercising? Mount it somewhere above so you can multitask.

Ugreen Cell Phone Holder

Sexy and sleek: UGREEN Cell Phone Holder

There aren't many bells and whistles, but the sleek and sexy design will look great on an office desk. It's adjustable, foldable, compatible with phones from 4 up to 7.9 inches in size with a thick case still on, and can fit in your pocket.

Saiji Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder

Free to work: SAIJI Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder

You're free to use your entire desk space, or take Zoom or Google Meet calls from the couch, or even your bed, using this gooseneck holder that has a long and adjustable arm and clip bracket so you can mount and position it in just the right way, keeping your hands totally free.

Elimoons 4 Pack Cell Phone Stands

Good for the family: Elimoons 4-Pack Cell Phone Stands

Everyone in the family, or all your co-workers, can grab one of these stands, which comes in a pack of four and can accommodate larger-screened phones and tablets, from 6 up to 10 inches in size. They offer multiple angles, vertical or horizontal positioning, and come in different color options.

$7 at Amazon
Popsockets Grip Stand Iphone

Pop and lock: Popsockets Grip & Stand for Phones

If you plan to hold your phone while having your Zoom or Google Meet call, these offer a nice, secure grip between your fingers. Then, if you want to plop the phone done, they function as a nifty stand, too! It's great if you might be on the move while chatting. And there's an endless number of licensed designs, colors, and patterns from which to choose.

Use the best phone stands for Zoom & Google Meet calls

Video calls and meetings are pretty commonplace nowadays, whether you're working from home, traveling, or conferencing in others from afar. And while you'd ideally chat using a laptop, sometimes a smartphone or tablet is all you have. If this is the case, you want a secure and angled phone stand so you can keep your hands free for taking notes, typing, or other multitasking duties.

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The Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand is a simple and affordable option that lets you adjust the angle of the device to your liking, position it in vertical or horizontal mode depending on if it's a one-to-one chat or big group call, and is universally compatible with all devices from about 4 inches in size up to about 10 inches. That means you can just as easily use it with a tablet as well. And you don't have to worry if you upgrade your device.

A unique option is the LISEN Cell Phone Stand, which is ideal for those who use standing desks, or who might want to raise the height significantly to capture family, friends, or co-workers standing behind them as well. It has a telescoping rod that can go as high as 8.5 inches, and you can adjust the angle, too, to catch everyone's good sides.

The idea of using a flexible tripod like the UBeesize Phone Tripod is interesting for those who might be doing a Zoom call to go over a recipe, for example. You can wrap the stand around a cupboard, for example, and angle it perfectly so the person can see what you're doing. And when you just want to use it in desktop, it stands flat on its non-skid rubber feet.

From an affordability perspective, you can't go wrong with the Elimoons Cell Phone Stands, which come four in a pack and fun color options.

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