Best Multiplayer Games for the Oculus Quest Android Central 2021

If you're tired of questing solo in your Oculus Quest, fear not. There are plenty of online multiplayer experiences, as well as party multiplayer with friends and family in the room, to enjoy. This list will focus primarily on the first option, with the best games for connecting and competing with your fellow gamers virtually, but there's couple couch co-op options thrown in as well. Try these Quest VR titles for creating lasting friendships and bitter rivalries.

Rec Room logo

★ Featured Favorite: Rec Room

Rec Room beats out other VR chatrooms with a perfect blend of social features and compelling gameplay. Cross-play enables you to play with (or make) friends on any headset, and even non-VR friends in Screen Mode on Windows or PS4 can meet up. Despite Quest hardware limitations disabling a few fun modes like Rec Royale, this free port offers access to the vast majority of minigames, user-created rooms, and quests, making Rec Room endlessly replayable. You may run into rude people or trolls, but you can always retreat to a private lounge with friends you trust.

Free on Oculus Store
Echo VR

Zero-G action: Echo VR

Echo VR is one of the most popular multiplayer VR titles on the Quest, and not just because it's free-to-play. Currently on Season 2, Echo VR channels Ender's Game with its zero-G ultimate frisbee gameplay. Here you play a robot who can jetpack themselves around an arena, navigating through obstacles and opponents to score. Frantic, jubilant gameplay and crossplay with Rift users made Quest's Echo VR an instant hit.

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Racket Nx Gameplay

Cyberpunk racquetball: Racket: Nx

Staff Pick

Racket: Nx inserts you into a 360-degree, Tron-esque arena and gives you an amazingly fun, sweaty workout. The concept is simple — slam a ball against the circular arena wall, hitting point-granting targets and steering clear of penalty spots — but gameplay twists like time attack and power-ups add more of a challenge. Multiplayer matchmaking lets you practice while you wait, then pits you against other Quest or Rift users competing to rack up the most points. Excellent tracking of your hand's position and the speed of your swing, along with strong graphics, makes the gameplay one of the best overall on the Quest.

$20 on Oculus Store
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Oculus Quest

Explosive fun: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, which is strictly couch co-op, blows away most party games (pun intended) with short, frantic rounds of bomb defusal. The Quest wearer must disarm traps while non-VR onlookers read through a manual and guide the wearer while unable to see the bomb themselves. Each bomb gets progressively more challenging as players switch roles and learn to communicate under pressure. It's an excellent way to get friends hooked on VR so they'll buy their own headsets and join you for other online multiplayer games.

$15 on Oculus Store
Arizona Sunshine Gameplay

Co-op carnage: Arizona Sunshine

Beyond the 5-hour campaign, which introduces impressive first-person shooting mechanics and action-heavy story, you'll get the most replay value from the two-person co-op levels and four-person multiplayer horde mode. The high price tag and lack of cross-play means you'll either need friends with Quests or have fun competing for the most kills with strangers. The Arizona Sunshine devs have added new horde maps and DLC monthly since release, which should keep a strong multiplayer community in-game.

$40 on Oculus Store
Orbusvr Reborn Screenshot

Multifaceted MMO: OrbusVR: Reborn

This crossplay-enabled MMO features an incredible diversity and depth of gameplay. There are eight different classes with unique fighting mechanics — sword/shield, archery, guns, spells, even musical attacks— potion-making, dungeon raids, and more. OrbusVR: Reborn is combat heavy with tricky controls, so it has a steep learning curve. That aside, you'll find considerably more unique content than almost any VR title, and proximity chat will help you make quick friends if you can't bring them with you.

$20 on Oculus Store
Dance Central Oculus Quest

Dance like everyone's watching: Dance Central

The core of Dance Central VR is a single-player mode that lets you gyrate to the melody of 32 famous songs and try to match the choreography while the Quest tracks your movements. Beyond that, you can create a custom avatar with a selfie and then hang out in a multiplayer lounge with fellow Quest and Rift S owners. You can chat with friends and dance freestyle, then schedule songs and either perform team dances or challenge each other to dance-offs and compare the scores. It's silly, sweaty fun that encourages you to keep coming back and improving your technique.

$30 on Oculus Store
VRChat Oculus Quest

Free friendships: VRChat

We wouldn't really call VRChat a "game" as much as a strange social experience. You meet up with people around the world, dressed in (usually) anime- or game-inspired avatars spouting silly memes and just hanging out. Games and user-created environments exist, but most use it as a place to make friends and feel less alone. Some disclaimers: this isn't a kid-safe zone, and you may need to block rude people. Also, the Quest version limits the content you can see, leading to many avatars appearing as default robots. Many Quest users work around this with Oculus Link to try the full PCVR version.

Free on Oculus Store
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Fend off your frenemies: Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Acron is another asymmetric couch VR game that turns the Quest wearer into an angry tree desperate to defend its acorns, while up to seven others use an iOS or Android app to play as squirrels rushing to steal them. This is an excellent party game that encourages role swapping, especially with squirrels, which all have different abilities and must coordinate strategies to capture the prize. One weakness lies in the lack of additional game modes, but the devs reportedly plan to remedy that in future.

$20 on Oculus Store
Sports Scramble Oculus Quest

Zany Wii Sports: Sports Scramble

This Quest launch title does a great job of training new VR users on how to use motion controls. Each of the three minigames — bowling, tennis and baseball — switches up its core mechanics by changing the ball, club, or environment for different challenges, challenging you to improve your skills as you go. It's one of the more popular multiplayer titles so you're likely to find matches quickly, and the silly no-rules gameplay keeps things fresh despite having only three sports modes. It's another title that effortlessly encourages fitness.

$30 on Oculus Store
Wands Oculus Quest

Wizards chess: Wands

Become a powerful wizard and put your skills to the test against your magical opponents, real or AI. You must strategize to defeat your opponent, using offensive spells, traps, teleportation, summoned illusions, reflected attacks, and knowledge of the various maps to win. The game supports cross-play across most VR platforms, so you can easily duel friends and build up your spell list before taking on more challenging online opponents.

$20 on Oculus Store
Sairento VR: Untethered Oculus Quest

Hyperactive ninja simulator: Sairento VR: Untethered

Team up with a fellow cyber ninja as you quadruple jump, run alongside walls, and slow down time as you kill waves of enemies. Six game modes boil down to killing enemies quickly or surviving as long as possible, and you earn XP to upgrade skills and weapons to become an unstoppable killing machine. The graphics aren't pretty and you'll need the comfort settings to reduce motion sickness as you soar around maps, but if you get past that, the frenetic gameplay will keep you and your friends hooked. Moreover, the ability to slow down time without slowing down time for your partner is an excellent mechanic.

$20 on Oculus Store

Our top picks

Your choices should be predicated on whether you have friends with VR headsets, and if so, which headsets and games they own. Prioritizing games with cross-play, party chat, and either co-op or versus modes depending on your preferences makes sense. We recommend Rec Room as your first choice. It's a free title, so it's easy to convince friends to try it out, and the variety of minigames means you'll find a game mode for everyone.

On the other hand, if you prefer a challenge for you and your friend(s) to overcome more than a casual social setting, then consider titles that demand teamwork and communication to succeed. Games like Arizona Sunshine test your friendships when increasingly tough waves of enemies approach and you must each have each other's backs to succeed. A familiar voice shouting "there's a zombie behind you!" is so much more immersive and exciting than when an NPC says it.

If, however, multiplayer is all about solo competition for you, then ditch the co-op titles and try a game like Racket: Nx to get your blood pumping. Matchmaking in many VR games can offer a steep learning curve and make you feel generally terrible at said game, but Racket: Nx tutorials teach you everything you need to know to succeed, and each game feels within reach until the end if you put in the physical effort.

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