Best Multiplayer Games for the Oculus Quest in 2022

Rec Room funtimes
Rec Room funtimes (Image credit: Rec Room)

If you're tired of questing solo in your Oculus Quest, fear not. There are plenty of online multiplayer experiences, as well as party multiplayer with friends and family in the room, to enjoy. This list will focus primarily on the first option, with the best games for connecting and competing with your fellow gamers virtually, but there's couple couch co-op options thrown in as well. Try these Quest VR titles for creating lasting friendships and bitter rivalries.

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Your choices should be predicated on whether you have friends with VR headsets, and if so, which headsets and games they own. Prioritizing games with cross-play, party chat, and either co-op or versus modes depending on your preferences makes sense. We recommend Rec Room as your first choice. It's a free title, so it's easy to convince friends to try it out, and the variety of minigames means you'll find a game mode for everyone.

On the other hand, if you prefer a challenge for you and your friend(s) to overcome more than a casual social setting, then consider titles that demand teamwork and communication to succeed. Games like Arizona Sunshine test your friendships when increasingly tough waves of enemies approach and you must each have each other's backs to succeed. A familiar voice shouting "there's a zombie behind you!" is so much more immersive and exciting than when an NPC says it.

If, however, multiplayer is all about solo competition for you, then ditch the co-op titles and try a game like Racket: Nx to get your blood pumping. Matchmaking in many VR games can offer a steep learning curve and make you feel generally terrible at said game, but Racket: Nx tutorials teach you everything you need to know to succeed, and each game feels within reach until the end if you put in the physical effort.

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