Best Heavy Duty Cases for Google Pixel 4a Android Central 2021

One of the best phones of 2020 for performance, cameras, and price, the Google Pixel 4a also has a minimalist design that will still comfortably fit in one hand with a thick case. So we've made sure to find the most hardcore protective cases available that will keep it dent- and scratch-free without blocking the rear fingerprint sensor. You'll find screen protectors, corner cushions, kickstand, and other defensive perks with the best heavy-duty Pixel 4a cases available today.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pixel 4a Case

Slender defense: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff Pick

Despite its "rugged" moniker, this case is more compact than most heavy-duty cases while still reliably cushioning your Pixel 4a from falls. It protects your phone without detracting from its light, easy-to-hold design, and has some stylish texture on the back as well.

$12 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution Pixel 4a Case

Total protection: Poetic Revolution

This case bundles two front frames for people who either prefer a screen protector or keeping your display au naturel. The rubber case itself is extremely durable and shock-proof and comes with a plastic kickstand that works in portrait and landscape mode.

$17 at Amazon
OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Pixel 4a Case

Transparently strong: OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series

The OtterBox Symmetry line takes the company's signature fall-proof durability and adds in see-through material and an easily removable case for cleaning. Best of all, it's another trustworthy case that doesn't make it too bulky to hold.

$39 at Amazon
Encased Scorpio Armor Pixel 4a Case

Rose gold and rugged: Encased (Scorpio Armor)

You'll be grabbed by the stylish rose gold color and stay for the impact distortion system and reassuringly tough-looking bumper guards. It's a bit bulkier to hold than other cases but is at least easy to grip.

$15 at Amazon
Caseology Parallax Pixel 4a Case Purple Ish

Cushioned and chic: Caseology Parallax

You'll choose between blue, coral pink, purple or black, but all of them look stylish thanks to the textured backing for a more reliable grip. The Parallax is close-fitting but still has enough bulk to protect the Google Pixel 4a against drops.

ESR Metal Kickstand Pixel 4a Case

Props up and protects: ESR Metal Kickstand

Compared to flimsy plastic kickstands, this metal kickstand holds up to more pressure, can be set steadily at more angles and lets you magnetize your phone to a mount. The clear cast itself is made of a durable, soft TPU.

$15 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Pixel 4a Case

Clear and form-fitting: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Anyone who likes Spigen's trademark durability but would prefer a clear case with a more comfortable soft grip and simpler phone insert can swap the Rugged Armor for Liquid Crystal and get similar protection.

$12 at Amazon
Urban Armor Gear Pixel 4a Case

Military grade: Urban Armor Gear

Rated to survive plenty of falls but with side grips that prevent drops to begin with, the UAG case has a unique sloped back that's hit or miss with some buyers. Otherwise, it has a minimalist design that goes well with the Google Pixel 4a.

$30 at Amazon
OtterBox Commuter Series Pixel 4a Case Pink

Built for travel: OtterBox Commuter Series

Stomach the high price for this hybrid case, and you'll get a sturdy build and an additive that reportedly blocks microbial growths if you're lazy about keeping your phone clean. It comes in black or a neat pink and plum pattern.

Lokyoo Pixel 4a Case

360-degree spinning stand: Lokyoo Case

Cheap doesn't mean low-quality with this Lokyoo case. It sports both PC and TPU layers for shock protection, has a metal kickstand that doubles as a ring grip, and comes in five different colors.

$8 at Amazon

What are the best heavy-duty Pixel 4a cases?

The Google Pixel 4a isn't the most advanced Android phone, but we appreciate it for (among other things) letting you comfortably use it one-handed while other massive phones are a two-handed affair. So we wanted to choose as many heavy-duty Pixel 4a phone cases that would protect it without ballooning it in size and taking away a major perk. We chose the Spiggen Rugged Armor as the best example of a shockproof case that doesn't make your phone too thick.

You may also want a case that protects the front of your Pixel 4a as well as the back. In that case, Poetic Revolution is your best bet thanks to its built-in screen protector in front and dual PC/TPU layers for the sides and back. Our other top picks don't come with a screen protector, so if that's what you want then you'll need to buy one of the best Pixel 4a screen protectors separately.

All of these cases provide a minimum level of safety that ensures they can withstand those dreaded corner falls on hard surfaces, so choosing one will come down to personal preferences. Phones with multiple protective layers are typically safer but also thicker in your hand. Cases with built-in kickstands are handy if you want to watch or play content on a flat surface like a desk or nightstand. Some cases have better rubberized side grips, while others have smoother sides with more textured backs for a better hold. It's hard to recommend which will feel best in your hand until you buy and try it for yourself.

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