Best Heavy Duty Cases for Google Pixel 3 XL Android Central 2021

The Pixel 3 XL is the slightly larger, slightly more expensive, and slightly cooler Google phone — I suppose you could say it's a notch above the competition. All jokes aside, with a quality phone like the Pixel 3 XL, you're going to want to protect it with a heavy duty case to make sure it stays beautiful and intact for years to come. We've rounded up the best can, from budget-friendly cases to more premium offerings.

Heavy duty & crystal clear: Poetic Guardian Rugged Clear Hybrid

Staff pick

This clear case is no dainty flower. With vivid color accents, a built-in screen protector, and a rubberized flap to cover your USB-C port and keep out debris, the Poetic Guardian lives up to its name quite well and comes in 4 expertly chosen color combinations.

$15 at Amazon

Tough as nails: Spigen Tough Armor

This case offers maximum durability without adding too much bulk to the Pixel 3 XL's design. Designed with a shock-absorbing TPU sleeve hugged by a rugged shell, the Tough Armor will live up to its name with a built-in kickstand offering a nice little bonus.

$16 at Amazon

Armored protection: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Supcase's Unicorn Beetle Pro is exactly what you want in a heavy-duty case. This dual-layer case with hard, dense plastic for an outer shell and a flexible inner shell that offers shock absorption. The front has a built-in screen protector, and it even comes with a belt clip.

$20 at Amazon
OtterBox Symmetry

Iconic brand: OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox offers premium cases for the Pixel 3 XL, and we recommend the Symmetry Series because it's the thinnest of Otterrbox's cases and an ideal pairing for the bigger Pixel phone. This is the most expensive option on our list, but if you've ever bought an OtterBox case before and dealt with its superb customer service, you know that you'll get your money's worth.

$32 at Amazon
Tudia Merge Series

Value pick: Tudia Merge

This case is a classic dual-layer design — much like the Spigen Tough Armor — and comes in four colors at an affordable price that has made Tudia the go-to for plenty of Pixel users in the last couple of years. The Silver looks good with all three color Pixel 3 XLs, but the Mint is oddly appealing to me, too.

$11 at Amazon

Budget beauty: Casetego Hybrid Sturdy Armor Case

Casetego's three-layer cases can help you protect your Pixel 3 XL without breaking what's left of your wallet, and the two colors — deep purple and rose gold — are more fun than the usual blacks and blues. For a few dollars more, the "Shiny" editions glimmer and gleam like a treasure chest.

$9 at Amazon

Protect your Pixel!

Which case you choose to protect your Pixel 3 XL with is ultimately up to you and your personal tastes, but with larger phones, we always try to recommend something that's a bit slimmer since adding extra bulk to an already large phone makes it that much harder to slip in and out of your pocket. I'd personally recommend the Poetic Guardian which offers great protection at a reasonable price with a pocket-friendly design. Just look at those bold color accents!

If you prefer something a little less cumbersome in your pocket (and on your wallet), there's always the Tudia Merge Series. The dual-layer style is easy to get on and off, the colors are unique, and it costs less than a large pizza. It may not be the most original design but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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