Best headphones for Daydream View

Best overall is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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The folks at Audio-Technica are fantastic at delivering quality audio products well below the price of their competition, and what the ATH-M50x lacks in a clever name it more than makes up for in quality. These are over-the-ear studio headphones that will work well with the spatial audio fun in Daydream View to create a compelling and immersive experience.

These are great headphones for every environment and collapse well for travel. When it comes to VR audio from your phone, you want quality headphones and this is where you should start.

Bottom line: These are quality headphones at half the cost of comparable headphones.

One more thing: You can find these headphones in a matte black or a glossy red.

Why the ATH-M50x is the best

The ATH-M50x are great headphones at any price, but they just happen to be quite inexpensive by comparison. They deliver full-bodied sound and the ear cushions are perfect for over-the-ear coverage. These aren't audio canceling, they don't include microphones, and they aren't battery powered. These are great basic headphones, with a nice long cord for every situation.

Connected to your Pixel while in Daydream, you get a quality spatial audio experience that will complete the immersion offered by the headset.

Best high-end is the QuietComfort 35 II

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If you're looking for the best, noise-canceling headphones for over-the-ear, these are the best for their price range. The QuietComfort 35 II comes with a 3.5 audio input, but they are also a wireless headset if you're looking for a no cord look. They are light-weight, comfortable, and have a built-in microphone so you can chat while playing your favorite VR game.

These are on the pricey side, but with the comfort and capability of these headphones, they're worth every penny.

Bottom Line: These are a great option for the gamer who doesn't mind spending a bit more cash for a quality product.

One more thing: These are also available in a striking silver color, the only other color besides black.

Best mid-range is the HyperX Cloud II

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If you're looking for an adaptable headset that will fulfill several needs, look no further than the HyperX Cloud II. In addition to having both 7.1-capable USB and 3.5mm audio inputs, it also features a removable microphone and interchangeable ear pads. The ear pads can be changed out to either improve comfort or alter the sound profile.

Between the ear pads and the light weight of these headphones, they consistently receive high marks in comfort from professional and enthusiast reviewers alike.

Bottom line: These are a flexible option that delivers great sound quality and will handle all of your gaming needs.

One more thing: One of the few headphone options on the market that come in pink. Also available in gunmetal gray and red.

Best budget based is the Skullcandy Grind

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Frequently found on sale at Amazon for around $35, the Skullcandy Grind is a solid headset at a budget price. In addition to having better audio quality than many comparably priced options, it also has a few nifty features. Rather than having a cable boom mic, it has a microphone built directly into one of the ear cups, much like a Bluetooth headset.

They also have a feature called TapTech, which adds buttons on the ear cup that let you take calls, play or pause tracks, or skip them forward and back.

Bottom line: These will get the job done better than most comparable at it's regular price, with the added benefit of frequent sales.

One more thing: Available in more color options than many headphones, which is great for those who like treating their electronics as a fashion accessory.


There are so many headphones out there, it's difficult to choose for a single experience. If you're looking for great all around headphones, Audio-Technica will deliver. However, this is no longer the 90s; headphones at many price points are now capable of delivering solid sound quality.

Updated January 2018: We've added the Best High-End option!

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