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You spent a lot of money picking up the perfect headphones; now it's now time to protect your investment with a carrying case. Popular models like the ATH-M50x and Sony's MDR7506 come with a pouch that doesn't quite hold up to the rigors of everyday use. That's why you should consider picking up the Slappa HardBody Pro Case. The hard shell case is much more durable, and offers great protection for your audio gear. Here are some other options.

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Slappa HardBody Pro Case

Our pick: Slappa HardBody Pro Case

If you're using the ATH-M50x, MDR7506, HD518, or any other large headphone, your search for a hard shell case ends here. Slappa's case offers a rugged exterior that is water-resistant, and the interior is lined with velveteen to prevent any scratches. The durable design combined with the quality of the materials used make this the go-to choice to protect your headphones.

$19 at Amazon
Geekria HippoCase

For large headphones: Geekria HippoCase

If the Slappa case doesn't fit your headphones, then this Geekria option should do the job. The HippoCase has more than enough room to accommodate the largest of headphones, and you also get a pouch for cables, DACs, or other accessories. The sturdy construction of the case and the generous amount of padding on the inside makes it an ideal choice for the likes of the AKG K702, HiFiMan HE400S, and other large headphones.

$33 at Amazon
Headcase Audio Protective Case

Versatile option: Headcase Audio Protective Case

Headcase Audio's offering is a semi-hard-shell case easily fits your headphones, and there's also an internal case that's designed to hold cables. The case is quite compact, but you get the option to remove the padding at the front to accommodate larger headphones.

$19 at Amazon
Caseling Hard Headphone Case

Also great: Caseling Hard Headphone Case

The Caseling hardshell case is large enough to fit an ATH-M50x along with both of the bundled cables, so there's no shortage of room to offer. At $13, it is also one of the more affordable options for a hard shell case. The outer layer is not entirely rigid, the interior is lined, and the case is water-resistant.

$13 at Amazon
LTGEM Hard Shell Case

Perfect for Sennheiser: LTGEM Hard Shell Case

The LTGEM case is designed to fit most Sennheiser headphones, and the EVA case is resistant to the elements. The hard shell combined with the lined interior should provide an adequate amount of protection for your audio gear, and the case will easily fit a Sennheiser HD598 along with the cables.

$13 at Amazon
UGREEN Headphone Organizer

Great for earbuds: UGREEN Headphone Organizer

If you're looking to carry earbuds, UGREEN's case is a great affordable choice. It costs just $8, and has a water-resistant hard shell design that should provide ample protection. It also has a mesh pocket for storing cables, and overall it is a great case for transporting earbuds.

$8 at Amazon

Slappa's HardBody Pro Case is the ideal pick as it offers a rugged design that's guaranteed to protect your headphones. It is resistant to the elements, the design accommodates most headphone models, and the quality belies its $19 price tag.

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