Best Google Pixel 6 Pro cases 2024

The Pixel 6 Pro has been out for a while now but it's still a great Android phone with up-to-date software and high-end cameras worth protecting with a case. The phone has a distinctive design, with a large Gorilla Glass Victus screen with the same material on the back. Even though this is some of the toughest glass in the business, it's not quite as tough as the concrete on the sidewalk or the tile in your house.

Unless you're willing to shell out hundreds for a repair and put up with the downtime during that repair, you should put your phone in a case. It's at least worth having a case on standby for hikes in the woods or going on a trip. We've researched a wide variety of products from multiple brands to shortlist the best Pixel 6 Pro cases for you to choose from.

Protect your Google Pixel 6 Pro with these cases

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These are the best cases for Google's flagship smartphone

Undoubtedly among the best Android phones out there, Google's Pixel 6 Pro is a top-tier flagship that'll last you for years to come. But to make that dream a reality, you need to take good care of it, and a case is a must-have accessory. It's a good thing that there's a wide range of best Pixel 6 Pro cases available in the market, from brands both big and small. 

Once you've picked up the perfect case for your Google Pixel 6 Pro, make sure you pair them up with the best Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors for total protection. Oh, and if you're a fan of mobile gaming, definitely check out the best controllers for Pixel 6 Pro that'll take your gaming experience to the next level.

Our personal favorites for the Pixel 6 Pro are the Spigen Liquid Air Armor (since sturdy grip is essential on a phone of this size), and the Caseology Parallax (which offers a swanky two-tone design that enhances the overall style of your phone). If you want something with a good in-hand grip and need a choice of colors too, Crave's Dual Guard series is an excellent choice.

Fair warning on the official Google Pixel 6 Pro Case 

Google's first-party case evokes a heated debate between Android Central staff and many Pixel 6 Pro owners. The case is quite thin and has a unique texture, but offers little in terms of impact protection. 

While some people absolutely adore their Pixel 6 Pro case, with the Google Store-exclusive Golden Glow version consistently going in and out of stock, there are others like our very own Jerry Hildenbrand who have loudly voiced their displeasure with the case for three weeks straight on the Android Central Podcast.

Here are the facts: The Google Pixel 6 Pro Case is a frosted plastic case made of 30% post-consumer recycled plastics. This thin clear case is designed to perfectly hug the Pixel 6 Pro's curves around the screen and the camera module, too. 

Still, since it's open on the sides around the camera module and the curved edges of the screen, it's quite vulnerable to shatters if the phone falls out of your hand or pocket. Of course, that won't be an issue for a case with excellent grip.

Still, there's something about the frosted finish of the case. It feels like it should be grippy and tactile, but it's oddly smooth. If you're going to use the Google Pixel 6 Pro Case, I highly suggest sticking a PopSocket on it for added stability, or at least employing a PopGrip Slide Stretch that you can use when you're out, and then ditch when you're home and need to wirelessly charge.

There's also the matter of colors: While some colors can look good with all models, some of these color combos just end up appearing goofy. Take the Soft Sage, for example: Pair it with the Cloudy White Pixel 6 Pro, and it looks OK. 

But if you have the Sorta Sunny Pixel 6 Pro, the Sage turns it into this icky cantaloupe rind. Golden Glow looks nice with its White and Sunny models, but looks bizarre when paired with the black. So just be mindful when choosing colorways. Actual colors have drawbacks, but Light Frost looks good with everything.

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