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Best Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Image credit: Android Central)

Protecting the Samsung Galaxy S9's curved display is no easy task — tempered glass offers the best protection, but a PET film can generally flex around the edges of curved displays better. There's also a price difference, so there's a lot to consider when you're buying. These are the best screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung includes advanced settings for screen protector

A common complaint about using a tempered glass screen protector is that they can decrease the touch sensitivity of your phone. If that's an issue you've experienced, Samsung has included a feature that will turn up the touch sensitivity. To toggle on heightened touch sensitivity, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Touch Sensitivity.

I know that screen protectors can feel like a compromise by sometimes making your screen feel or look dirtier than it is, but the Whitestone Dome Glass (opens in new tab) grips well, looks great and spending money on two screen protectors beats the stress, panic, and multi-hundred-pound costs of replacing a broken screen on your Galaxy S9.

Looking for a film screen protector that can handle those display curves? Check out the Spigen NeoFlex two-pack (opens in new tab), which requires a wet installation, but will otherwise offer the best protection for your Galaxy S9's curved display. It's also the most compatible option with cases.

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