These Galaxy S7 Battery Cases Can Keep You Powered Up

If you're finding that your Samsung Galaxy S7's battery life is lacking these days, you might be in the market for a quality battery case to provide you some extra juice as you go about your day.

There's a number of things to consider, depending on your specific needs such as budget, style, and which phone features are most important to you. While these cases help you keep your phone charged throughout the day, many of them affect your ability to use QI wireless charging, which might be a deal breaker for some.

Let's take a look at your best options.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Battery Pack

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We'll start with this charging pack option from Samsung themselves, which we've previously highlighted in our list of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Like all the products features in this list, this battery pack from Samsung is going to add some substantial girth to your phone, but it's also designed to be easy to install or remove. This makes it an ideal accessory to keep handy in your bag, so it's always on hand if you need a boost to get through the rest of your day. It's also worth noting that this is called a charging pack — not a case — so don't expect this one to provide much protection for your phone in the case of an accidental drop.

This pack actually uses Qi technology to wirelessly charge your phone, which is great for keeping the Micro-USB port clear, but it also slower charging speeds — expect to get a 50% charge over 2 hours of charging time. That's going to be disappointing for some, but for its current price of under $30, it's still a worthwhile accessory to have handy for those times when you'll need it.

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Mophie Juice Pack

Looking beyond Samsung's own battery case, Mophie offers your next best bet — although it's also the most expensive case on the list. What you get in terms of features might make the premium price tag worth it though.

AC's Andrew Martonik went hands on with the Juice Pack and found that it outperformed the Samsung battery pack, adding 60% to the phone's battery in roughly one hour and 20 minutes. It's compatible with wireless charging and includes pass-through charging so your Galaxy S7's battery is topped up before the Juice Pack. Beyond the overall bulkiness, the design of the case is smooth and sturdy, with tactile feedback for the covered power and volume buttons.

The downside here is the considerable amount of bulk that this case adds. The phone is thicker and taller with the case installed, which is to be expected for most battery pack cases and the one big trade off you'll have to accept. Still, if you're looking for a reliable battery case to give your phone the juice it needs to get through the day, Mophie knows what they're doing!

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Trianium Charging Case

This charging case from Trianium offers 4,100mAh of backup power in a slim yet protective case that should also keep your phone protected from minor drops. The build offers much more grip than the slippery glass of the naked Galaxy S7. You can charge the case and your phone at the same time using a Quick Charge 2.0-compatible wall charger, or sync your phone to your computer with the case on via the included Micro-USB cable.

You'll find the LED power level indicators on the back near the bottom of the case. The added bulk at the bottom of the phone blocks access to the headphone jack, so Trianium has included a headphone jack adapter — because that's an important feature most of us can't live without.

With a fully-charged phone and battery case, you should expect to get up to 18 hours of heavy use with this combo. This case interferes with the wireless charging capabilities of the Galaxy S7, so you'll want to keep that in mind.

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ZeroLemon Rugged Battery Case

ZeroLemon claims that this is the world's highest-capacity Samsung Galaxy S7 charging case — and with a capacity of 7,500mAh it's certainly the best we've found.

But all that added power means that this thing is THICK. With it installed, your phone will be 0.82 inches, so don't even think about wirelessly charging your phone with this puppy on. It's a three-piece case that might be a little tricky to install at first, but once you've got it on, your phone is protected from drop damage as well as running out of juice. Power level indicators and the charging button are located on the top-half of the back, and it also support pass-through Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities for the phone itself.

Some users have reported an issue with the charging port flap not properly closing, which might be something worth keeping an eye on. Otherwise, if you don't mind carrying around a brick in your pocket or bag, the ZeroLemon Rugged Battery Case offers the most capable charging case available — as long as you're willing to deal with all that added bulk.

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Bastex Charging Case

Balancing price, functionality, and style, the Bastex charging case offers 4,200mAh of charge that'll easily top up your phone from the low battery to full.

In terms of protection, this case leaves the sides of your Galaxy S7 completely exposed, which is good for accessing the power and volume buttons but bad for drop protection. Your phone also sits nearly flush with the front edge of this case, with the two parts of this case popping together on the back of the phone case popping together. If you've used one of these two-piece charging cases before, you know that a drop might cause the case to come apart, which is obviously less than ideal.

There are pass-through charge and sync capabilities, with priority given for charging your phone before the case recharges itself. And there's also a handy kickstand build into the back of the case, so you can use that extra battery power to stream more media for hands-free viewing. It's also available in three color options — black, gold or white — to match your phone or your personal style.

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How do you keep your phone topped up?

Do you have any opinions on the cases we've outlined? Found a better option than our picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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