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Batteries are a major item in households. They power our electronic devices from video game controllers and smoke detectors, to air mattress pumps and flashlights. D batteries aren't super common, but they're still used in some larger flashlights and radio receivers. If you're looking for some excellent options, we have the best of the best for you here.

a 4-pack of Energizer Max D batteries

Best Overall: Energizer Max D Batteries

Staff Pick

Sometimes all you need are a few batteries to get the job done. Energizer Max delivers a great battery that will power your devices, and it's from a brand that you can trust. The Max brand are the longest lasting batteries from Energizer, and these are good for up to ten years when stored.

$7 at Amazon
4 D batteries from Amazon Basics

Great Value: AmazonBasics C Cell 1.5 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries

Buying batteries can sometimes be a pricy affair. Amazon Basics aims to make things a little easier on your wallet by delivering options that can fit into even a tight budget. You can pick up these batteries in 4, 12, or 24-packs, and all three are super affordable. They also last for up to 5 years in storage and come with a 1-year limited warranty.

$6 at Amazon
An 8-pack of Duracell batteries

Trusted Brands: Duracell - CopperTop D Alkaline Batteries

When buying items for your home, you want to snag items from brands you can trust. Duracell has been a top name in the battery game for a long time because they deliver an excellent product that can power your electronics. This 8-pack will ensure that you have all the batteries you need for a while. Duracell's CopperTop batteries are safe to be used for up to ten years, even when in storage.

$12 at Amazon
A 2-pack of Energizer rechargeable batteries

Eco Friendly: Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries

Nobody wants to continually have to purchase the same item over and over if they can avoid it. Energizer's Rechargeable D Batteries give you a way to buy batteries once instead of regularly buying them to power your electronics. When stored, these batteries can hold a charge for up to 12 months. If you're concerned about the environment, these are your best options and are even made with 4% of recycled batteries.

$9 at Amazon
A 72-pack of ProCell D batteries

Buy in Bulk: Duracell Procell D Alkaline Battery Bulk Case of 72

If you own your own business, you may prefer to buy what you need in bulk. After all, you probably use more than a home does or need to outfit dozens of people at a time. For business owners, Duracell's Procell D Battery 72-Pack is an excellent option. You get a battery from a great brand and a bulk pack that means you'll get more bang for your buck. These batteries are built to last for up to seven years, even when left in storage. They will operate at temperatures from -4 to 129 degrees Fahrenheit.

$74 at Amazon

Battery Options

Batteries run all sorts of electronics in our homes and offices. They protect us in smoke detectors and make sure we can light up the night with flashlights. D Batteries are less standard than some other options, but you still want to pick a brand you can trust. Our favorite option is Energizer Max D Batteries. They're affordable, long-lasting, and a brand that can be trusted.

If you want a longer-term option, then Energizer Rechargeable Batteries might be just the ticket. These rechargeable batteries are made to be used over and over again, giving you a much longer lifespan than run of the mill alkaline batteries.

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