CES can be a tough show to navigate, with so many intersecting themes and product categories all exhibiting in one place. With everything from ready-to-ship products all the way up to high-level concept devices, there are more great new things to see than you'd ever have time for.

The team here at Android Central took the meetings, roamed the halls and covered all of the news to find the best announcements at CES 2020. These are our award winners!

Best of CES 2020

Best of CES 2020

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The Pixelbook 2 Google won't make.

Samsung doesn't release many Chromebooks, but it sure knows how to do hardware — and its prowess is fully on display in the $999 Galaxy Chromebook. Partnering closely with Google for this new flagship-level device, you get exquisite hardware, a 4K OLED display, included stylus, high-end specs, and all of the extras you'd expect in this level of device. We won't get a Pixelbook 2 from Google, but this is a solid stand-in. And just look at that red body!

Samsung's new Galaxy Chromebook is the Pixelbook 2 Google won't make

Best of CES 2020

Skagen Falster 3

Third time's the charm for a great combination of design and functionality.

Skagen's first two Falsters were excellently designed, but were released at times when they were a solid generation behind in specs. Now, the Falster 3 is on the latest Fossil platform, and we're ecstatic. The design has been tweaked slightly, but retains its signature Scandinavian simplicity — with a great new set of band options. Wear OS is still saddled with its own set of issues, but if you're cool with the software then the Falster 3 has to be high on your list.

Skagen Falster 3 hands-on: Bigger, smarter, and way more comfortable

Best of CES 2020

OnePlus Concept One

A concept in name, but sporting tech that feels ready for the mainstream.

This is one of those announcements that isn't a product at all — "concept" is right in the name, after all. The ongoing OnePlus + McLaren partnership has moved beyond just branding in this latest phone, with actual material innovation. OnePlus is showing off a beautiful leather back pulled straight from McLaren, and an electrochromic glass that can hide and reveal the entire camera array on demand — plus, it can work as an ND filter for bright daytime photography. It may not be quite enough to get us excited as a true concept phone, but we're very intrigued to see which future OnePlus phone this is actually released in.

OnePlus Concept One hands-on: This McLaren Edition has an invisible camera

Best of CES 2020

Lenovo Smart Frame

Taking smart picture frames to a new level of size and quality.

Lenovo makes one of our favorite smart home gadgets, the Smart Display, but it's turning things way up with the Smart Frame. This 21.5-inch screen is focused purely on displaying photos and art in your home, and is extremely well-executed. The matte display is big and beautiful, with auto-adjusting brightness and colors to make everything look great. It can rotate, has a clever mounting system and has swappable frames to fit your decor.

Lenovo Smart Frame is a 21-inch modern and beautiful digital picture frame

Best of CES 2020

Aukey Omnia Series chargers

Nothing else matters if you can't charge up all of your devices.

On the surface, USB-C power bricks aren't particularly exciting — but having an excellent charger available can have a big impact on your daily life managing gadgets. Aukey absolutely blew us away with its new Omnia line of USB-C PD chargers, with a variety of port and output configurations to meet anyone's needs — whether you need a compact unit, huge output, or a mix of port types. With output up to 100W, these things will easily replace your laptop charger, and do it in a smaller package with more versatility.

The coolest thing from CES is Aukey's new Omnia wall chargers

Best of CES 2020

Nreal Light glasses

MR glasses don't need to be huge or expensive.

Mixed Reality glasses feel like they hold more promise than traditional VR glasses that remove you from the world. Nreal is making a great case for that argument with its Light glasses. They're surprisingly small and simple, and are expected to retail for just $500 — a combination that's necessary if MR is going to break into the mainstream. There's still work to be done with how much they cover up your vision, but this design and implementation feels ready for the real world very soon.

Nreal Light is the first set of Mixed Reality glasses actually worth buying

Bottom line

We're happy to hand out a Best of CES 2020 award to each of these companies for their innovation with incredible new technology! It takes a massive amount of time, effort and resources to bring these devices to the world, and they're all deserving of our excitement.

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